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Worker Injured While Dodging Crane on Construction Site With History of Problems

May 30, 2017 Construction Accidents,Personal Injury

A construction worker recently sustained an injury on a construction site as he tried to dodge a crane.  DNA Info reported on the incident, which sent the affected worker to Bellevue Hospital for treatment. The incident was one of many in recent years in which employees have been harmed by problems with cranes on construction sites throughout New York City. Some of the incidents have been far more serious than others, with cranes collapsing on or hitting construction workers and causing fatalities.

Whenever a construction worker is hurt due to a crane, or is otherwise injured on a construction site, New York City construction accident lawyers should be consulted. Attorneys can provide assistance obtaining workers’ compensation benefits for the worker or can provide assistance in obtaining death benefits for the employee’s family if the crane accident is a fatal one.

Crane Incident Causes Injury to Construction Worker

According to DNA Info, the worker who was recently hurt in the incident involving the crane was injured when he tripped and fell. The worker was at the site of the construction of a new hotel being built at 701 Seventh Avenue. He was trying to move out of the way of a crane and he fell on the ground floor.  Initially, the reports of the incident indicated that a beam had fallen on the worker and caused serious injury, but later updates revealed the worker had simply tripped when trying to get out of the way of the crane that could have seriously hurt him.

The construction site where the incident occurred has already had numerous problems, so this new incident is part of a larger pattern.  DNA Info indicates there have been a “litany of complaints about unsafe conditions,” and that worker injuries have “plagued the Seventh Avenue work site.”

One prior incident on the same site also involved a crane. In May of 2016, there were numerous complaints that a crane cable was hanging down over the street. This was causing traffic delays as well as creating an unacceptable risk of harm. There was also an incident in which a battery with a harness fell to the street on that same day.

A month after those incidents, a driver indicated his windshield sustained damage while waiting at an intersection near the construction site, and in September two workers were hurt in separate accidents that occurred on site. On September 2nd, one worker cut his finger while using a wood saw and another sustained injury when a beam fell on his foot.  More incidents also occurred in October, November, and March.

Obviously, this construction site needs to do much better about avoiding hazards. Unfortunately, crane accidents have also happened at numerous other locations citywide in recent years, so even if issues are corrected here, workers will continue to face serious dangers while performing construction work.

The attorneys at Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff can help any worker who is harmed to understand his rights and to make a claim to benefits. Contact an attorney if you’re hurt by a crane or any other on-the-job accident.