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When Slip and Fall Injuries Lead to Back Problems

November 6, 2015 Construction Accidents,Slip and Fall,Spinal Injuries

Back problems are an epidemic for the American population. Millions of Americans suffer from different kinds of back problems due to factors like diet and lifestyle, traumatic impact, bone degeneration and other kinds of wear and tear on the spine. But treatment and diagnosis for these types of conditions tends to lead to rather high medical bills for the average patient.

Sometimes, dealing with a back injury can become quite tricky. For instance, an initial work accident injury can lead to back problems down the road or worsen existing conditions.

In some cases, work injury victims are eventually awarded compensation for secondary conditions related to back problems after traumatic impact. For example, if a worker experiences a fall from a defective ladder or a scaffold that was set up incorrectly, there’s opportunity for not only immediate compensation, but settlement money for medical bills that may be incurred later.

We have seen New York courts consider secondary types of compensation in work injury awards. We’ve seen this type of economic recovery added to a variety of injury situations, including the ladder and scaffold injury categories mentioned above. New York plaintiffs have a significant body of law on their side, with laws like New York Labor Law 240 and 241, as well as particular scaffolding laws established to protect construction workers.

How We Can Help Injured Construction Workers

New York personal injury lawyers can help injured construction workers residing in the state work through every aspect of bringing an injury case through the court system. Where traditional workers’ compensation may not be sufficient, injury lawyers can look at any existing third-party responsibility or other opportunities to pursue compensation.

Experienced attorneys can also help clients determine how and where to get medical treatment, how to talk to insurance companies, or how to deal with any barriers or restrictions to fair and equitable compensation.

Throughout all this, qualified injury lawyers take time to explain every detail of a case to their clients. Injury victims rely on legal professionals to keep them informed about the case whether it’s the scheduling of hearings and court events, a discussion about legal options, or advising on what’s considered reasonable in New York courts. All of this is part of the dedicated care injury lawyers should provide to every client to help them and their families protect their finances after they’ve suffered because of someone else’s mistakes.

New York Slip and Fall Lawyers – On Your Side

If you or a loved one was hurt in a work accident in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island or anywhere in the NYC area, call the New York City injury attorneys at Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff. Our experienced injury lawyers work with injured construction professionals and others to help them bring their cases through New York courts. We have helped many families get the compensation they need for things like lost wages and medical bills that will eventually pile up. Ask us about your legal rights in New York.