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Weight, Motion and Impact

December 14, 2015 Construction Accidents

When it comes to handling workplace liability, smart managers have a plan in place. They not only provide safety gear and equipment, but they also look at physical aspects of the worksite specific trained eyes. They typically develop the criteria for handling safety issues so that they deal with the biggest ones first. And that can make all of the difference in an effective plan to decrease liability and of course, protect workers.

Heavy Items, Heavy Equipment

One easy way to address the biggest workplace injuries is to look at the heaviest equipment and heaviest types of materials that are mobile on a job site. That means looking at forklift trajectories and making sure work equipment and vehicles are safely put away at the end of the day. It means looking at how contractors deliver and utilize pallets of heavy masonry or other material. And it definitely means assessing multilevel work where different work processes go on in different spaces across the worksite.

Without this type of planning, managers and supervisors may be doing their company a disservice. They could be stressing over minor things, while leaving clearly evident dangers present on the worksite. It takes some training and skills to actually understand how to apply OSHA guidelines and other safety best practices on the job.

However, where companies are dedicated, they can often find effective ways to do this. On the other hand, where company leadership is lax, ignorant or just deliberately shoddy, the results can be extremely bad for both the worker and the company.

This is the environment that personal injury lawyers so often encounter when they pursue a work injury case on behalf of a client. After all, if someone was hurt, that means there was some type of hazard involved. That doesn’t mean there was automatically negligence, but in many cases, the employer did not go far enough to protect frontline workers.

A qualified personal injury lawyer will be able to spot the tell-tale signs of negligence or inattention to public safety. He or she will know how to do the legal fact finding to support a case, as well as how to identify the ways in which a third party may need to contribute to an injured worker’s compensation.

These legal professionals also know how to tackle a defense without merit, work to get their client’s voice heard in court and get the injury victim fair and impartial medical evaluation. Injury victims rely on injury attorneys to help them figure out their legal options and pursue justice in court, rather than just settling for what the responsible parties might offer them.

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