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Was the Company Truck Properly Maintained?

August 3, 2015 Truck Accidents

In any kind of heavy vehicle accident, people tend to look first at the driver. Was the driver under the influence of any substances, legal or illegal? Did he or she have too much to drink before an accident? What was his or her mood like at the time of the accident? Did anything big happen in his or her life prior to the shift? Was he or she trained to handle specific situations?

In reality, though, it’s not always fair to put all of the scrutiny on the driver. There are often other parties in play — people who have responsibility for helping to avoid the kinds of tragic circumstances that happen when a truck is out of control. In looking at the details of truck accident cases, truck accident lawyers understand that a diverse number of factors contribute to problems on the road — it’s not just about driver error.

Maintaining Large Vehicles

Safety for large vehicles starts with proper maintenance. Tire maintenance is extremely important because a tire problem can cause a vehicle to pull in unanticipated directions. Engine and transmission problems can also confuse and disorient drivers and contribute to accidents. Additionally, items such as turn signal indicators, windshield wipers, mirrors and other accessories must be working properly to provide safety on the road.

When companies cut corners on maintenance, let inspections expire or even falsify information to keep trucks on the road, they may have significant liability in accident situations. Unlike the handling of certain other types of assets, keeping vehicles in good condition can and should be viewed as a public service. It’s not just a question of a company’s investment in the vehicle — it’s something that directly impacts public health and safety, which is why truck accidents deserve a large amount of scrutiny, not just when accidents happen, but across the board.

Looking at the Evidence

When called upon to represent an injury victim the court, local personal injury attorneys will gather all the information necessary to have all of the facts on hand regarding why an accident happened. They will certainly go over the driver’s history and condition at the time of the accident, but they’ll also look into fleet maintenance and other things that go on behind the scenes.

They may look at aspects of public planning and whether road conditions also contributed. While they are doing all of this research, these legal professionals will also take care to provide effective and timely counsel to clients by explaining legal terms and processes, as well as letting clients know what options they have under the law.

New York City Truck Accident Attorneys – On Your Side When You Need Them

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