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Violence on the Job: An Injured Worker’s Rights

May 26, 2017 Personal Injury,Workers' Compensation

Recently, two sanitation workers in Brooklyn were attacked while they were performing their work duties. CBS Local New York reported on the acts of violence that the sanitation workers were subject to.

When violence occurs on-the-job, workers could be badly hurt. Violence could be perpetrated by customers or by clients, which is common in certain industries, such as healthcare workers being harmed by aggressive patients. Violence could also be perpetrated by strangers, such as a robber stealing from a gas station and harming the clerk, or by co-workers.

When a worker is hurt by an act of violence, it is important for the injured employee to understand his or her rights. New York City workers’ compensation lawyers provide assistance to injured workers and their families in determining if they can make a workers’ compensation claim after suffering a work injury.  An employee who is hurt by an act of violence should contact an injured worker as soon as possible for help.

Violence On the Job Can Cause Serious Harm to Workers

The recent CBS Local report on the sanitation workers demonstrated the risks of workplace violence. The workers were picking up garbage outside of a home on Highland Avenue in Brooklyn. Two men jumped out of a white van as the workers were doing their jobs. The men in the van claimed that they were cut off by the garbage truck.

One of the men who had jumped from the van had brass knuckles. He repeatedly hit the 53-year-old sanitation worker on the head. The attack caused the sanitation worker to suffer bruises on the head and also left the worker with a large cut on his ear.  When a 39-year-old sanitation worker tried to break up the fight and stop the attack on his older co-worker, a second man who had been in the van jumped him and also caused him to suffer injury.  At the end of the incident, both sanitation workers were left bloody, cut up, and bruised.

A witness to the incident who teaches at a school on Highland Place ran into the street when he heard the fighting going on. The street is a very narrow one, and the witness indicated the sanitation workers were ambushed by the attackers with nowhere to go. After hitting the sanitation workers, the two men drove off quickly in their vans. A witness took a picture of the van, which included the license plate, so police were able to track down the van’s owner. The owner was not one of the two men who perpetrated the attack, and police are still searching for them.

The injured employees were transported to the hospital and were recovering at home from their injuries.  They are among many workers who will be hurt by violence on-the-job. Every worker who is harmed by a violent act should talk with the attorneys at Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff to determine if they are entitled to work injury benefits to cover medical bills and lost wages resulting from the attack.