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Troubled Bridges Raise Risks

July 10, 2015 Bus Accidents

Anyone looking at the issue of large vehicle accidents in New York City also has to look at the issue of maintaining the infrastructure that new vehicles use to get around the metro area.

There are many different categories of bus accidents and large vehicle accidents. Some of them have to do with simple things like driver error or an improperly maintained vehicle. But others concern factors such as the condition of roadways and the safety procedures that are done in sensitive traffic situations.

Then there’s the issue of infrastructure — how well the bridges, tunnels and other roadway structures of New York City are maintained.

The Brooklyn Bridge and Other “Obsolete” Bridges

Recently, we’ve seen sobering reports about the functionally of obsolete bridges in the New York City area that raise risks for everyone on the road. Of the some 1400 bridges estimated to serve the five boroughs and surrounding areas, some reports are showing that as many as 150 of these are structurally deficient and that over 1000 are ‘obsolete’ or have requirements for modernization.

For instance, let’s look at the Brooklyn Bridge, which is now being worked on due to ‘cracks and holes’ previously found in the structure of the bridge. With delays in project completion, there arises the issue of whether the bridge is solvent and likely to serve travelers beyond the immediate future. Then there’s also the issue of notifying drivers about delays, lane closures or other situations, as well as using all the proper safety precautions to alert drivers to changes in traffic flow.

A Shared Responsibility

Many different people share responsibility for keeping motorists and others safe in busy traffic areas.
The local government has to work to make sure that proper safety precautions are in place for construction projects and other changes.

Law enforcement has to crack down on dangerous things like drunk driving and distracted driving. Drivers have to make sure they are not adding to public risk by driving erratically or under the influence. All of this comes into play in traffic accident cases where local personal injury lawyers look at every single factor to determine whether their client is due compensation for his or her injuries.

These legal professionals might consider the following:
• DUI/DWI findings
• Rates of speed for relevant vehicles
• Guardrails or other security structures for the roadway
• Traffic changes and whether they were properly set up
• Road conditions (whether potholes or other problems led to an accident)

These are just some of the things that these accident lawyers will look at as they use their knowledge of federal, state and local law, as well as case precedent, to advance their client’s personal injury claim in court. With careful research and fact-finding, as well as application of the law, qualified legal teams work to get their clients the best chance at compensation while informing them about all their options and rights in the context of New York law.

New York City Bus Accident Attorneys Are Prepared to Help

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