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Toys to Avoid Buying to Keep Your Child’s Eyes Safe

May 30, 2016 Personal Injury,Products Liability

According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, approximately a quarter of a million children in the United States visit hospital emergency departments every year for toy-related injuries. Nearly 50% of these injuries affect the head and face and the majority is eye injuries.

Do not buy these toys! Keep your child safe!!

Be careful with these types of toys! Keep your child safe! 

Also, children under age 5 suffer from about 35% of toy-related injuries. Eye safety is usually the last thing on parents’ minds when they buy toys for their children. When asked whether any toys their children own could cause injury to their eyes, 54% of parents responded “definitely”, while 22% answered “possible”.

There are many toys that you should avoid buying as they pose a serious threat to children’s eyes, especially if they are used without adult guidance and supervision.

  • Guns that shoot projectiles – You should avoid buying toy guns that shoot any type of projectile including lightweight, cushy darts. Many think that because these projectiles are soft, they pose little or no risk. However, toy guns of this type can shoot up to distances of 75 feet and move fast enough to cause a serious eye injury, especially when they are used at close range.
  • Games with toy fishing poles – Objects that are secured to a toy fishing line or a toy fishing pole can easily end up in a child’s eye. These games are best for older children who know how to handle such toys and do not need adult supervision.
  • Water guns and water balloon launchers – Water balloons may seem harmless, but they can cause serious blunt trauma to the eye, which can cause retinal detachment and permanent loss of vision.  Serious eye injury can be caused even by water guns, especially when they are used at close range.
  • Aerosol string – These products contain chemicals that can cause eye irritation and chemical conjunctivitis, which is a type of pink eye. When used at close range, a corneal abrasion can also be caused by aerosol string. This abrasion could in turn lead to serious eye infections.
  • Bright flashlights and laser pointers – Although they are technically not toys, a lot of children like to play “flashlight tag” or “laser tag.” Portable laser pointers, like the ones that are used for business presentations, should be kept away from children. Permanent vision loss can be caused due to the high light intensity of such devices. Even high or low powered LED flashlights can be extremely dangerous as they can lead to temporary blindness, increasing the risk of a fall or any other accident.

If a defective toy has caused serious injury or harm to your child, you can file a product liability action against the manufacturer, retailer or other entities in the line of distribution and get compensation. A product liability lawsuit can be a complex and lengthy process, which is why you should hire an experienced lawyer.

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