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Tips to Avoid Pedestrian Accidents

September 7, 2017 Pedestrian Accidents

According to facts by the NHTSA, there were approximately 5,376 deaths in pedestrian/motor vehicle crashes in 2015 across the United States – this means that nearly 15 people were killed every day. Although total traffic fatalities in the country lowered by nearly 18% from 2006 to 2015, there was a 12% increase in pedestrian fatalities during the same 10-year period.

Tips for Pedestrians

The good news is that there are certain safety tips you can follow to avoid injuries from a pedestrian accident, including:

  • Always look both ways before crossing the street.
  • Make sure that you pay close attention painted signs and stop lights on the street. You might be in a rush to get somewhere, but you should never be in a hurry to cross the street as traffic lights change from walk to stop. Walk only when the proper signal is on.
  • When you are crossing the street, stay alert and be aware of other drivers. If they are speeding, there might not be enough time for the driver to slow down before reaching the red light or stop sign.
  • Make sure that you never walk alone if you have been drinking. Drinking and driving, as we all know, can be lethal, but walking around while drunk can also be highly dangerous as your judgment is impaired, jeopardizing your safety. You should call a relative or friend to pick you up or a ridesharing or cab service.
  • If you are walking at night, you should make sure that drivers can see you. You should carry a flashlight with you or wear bright or reflective clothing.
  • Always use sidewalks, if they are available. If you have no choice but to walk on the street, you should always that you face the oncoming traffic.
  • Try to avoid walking with headphones on – this can prevent you from hearing approaching traffic. You put yourself in danger if you cannot hear your surroundings.

Tips for Drivers

  • Make sure that you do not use your phone while driving. Distracted driving is one of the most common causes of car accidents in the United States.
  • When backing out of parking lots and driveways, always check your mirrors a couple of times and look to both the left and right.
  • Make sure that your windshield is always clean. Dirt and debris on your windshield could prevent you from properly seeing what is in front of you. You should also keep your rearview and side mirrors in working condition as well as the right positions so as to maximize your field of view.
  • Always signal when you are switching lanes or making turns, and stop completely at stop signs. Slow down when you are proceeding through an intersection or crosswalk, and make sure that you are always aware of pedestrians on the sidewalk.

RMFW Law Knows Pedestrian Accidents

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