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Three Construction Accidents, Two Fatalities: A Look at the Dangers of Construction in NYC

October 24, 2017 Construction Accidents

Construction is one of the most dangerous fields to work in.  When a construction worker is hurt or killed on the job, the worker or his surviving family members must understand the legal protections that are in place. Workers’ compensation injury or death benefits should be available to shield the injured employee and his family members from potential loss. Contacting New York City construction accident lawyers can make it possible for those whose lives have been affected by a construction accident to ensure that financial damage does not follow the physical damage of the accident.

Unfortunately, the construction industry in New York City has been especially dangerous in recent years in light of the building boom and because of irresponsible construction site operators.  The tragic consequences that can result from construction accidents were demonstrated recently when three accidents occurred and two deaths resulted. Construction Equipment.com provided details on the tragic accidents with the fatal outcomes.

Construction Accidents Lead to Fatalities

According to Construction Equipment.com, one of the fatal construction accidents occurred when a 23-year-old construction worker was ejected from a man lift on a construction site where a bridge was being rebuilt.  The young construction worker had been repairing the man lift, which had tipped over off to the side of a dirt road.

Unfortunately, as he was repairing the man lift, the man lift tipped further off of the road. He was in an upper basket at the top of the man lift and he had neglected to secure himself in the lift. When the man lift tipped off the road, he fell out of the machine and fell 40 feet down. He landed on the ground below on top of a survey stick, which punctured his stomach.

While he was in stable condition after the fall when he was transported to a hospital, he subsequently died of a staph infection. This is a complication that is very common when a stomach wound occurs. Because the incident that led to the infection occurred at work, this incident should be considered a work-related fatality, entitling his surviving dependents to benefits.

Another of the fatal incidents which occurred recently happened when a construction worker fell into a manhole at around 11:40 am. The construction worker was 46-years-old and he was sandblasting pipes into the manhole. He somehow fell into the hole, although how this occurred was not clear, and he died as a result of the impact.

Finally, the third incident reported on by Construction Equipment.com occurred in New York City and happened when a construction worker on a Queens construction site became trapped when a machine fell onto him. The incident occurred on a Friday afternoon at around 1:45 PM on Northern Boulevard and 46th Street.  The construction worker sustained critical injuries and it took firefighters half-an-hour to rescue him while performing a high angle rescue.

These are just three of many situations where construction workers were victimized by serious accidents recently. If you or someone you love is hurt or killed on a construction site, you should reach out to New York City construction accident lawyers for assistance in making a workers’ comp claim as soon as possible.