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The Subtleties in Trip and Fall and Other Types of Construction and Workplace Injuries

October 28, 2015 Construction Accidents,Slip and Fall

When people see the word “injury,” they tend to think of something that happens in a moment. This is an accurate way to talk about many sports injuries and some traumatic injuries — broken bones, torn ligaments, etc. However, it may not be an accurate way to think about some of the most common types of workplace injuries.

As with certain other types of injuries, such as car accident injuries, many construction injuries are often not evident immediately after the fact. Someone might simply complain of some minor pain, but then later find that the pain increases over time rather than decreasing. Other symptoms such as restricted range of motion, tingling or numbness, or other symptoms of nerve damage can also become evident days or weeks after an accident.

Think about the term “soft tissue damage,” which is often associated with various types of physical injuries. Even the term itself seems somewhat vague. It can be extremely hard for doctors and medical professionals to diagnose various types of soft tissue damage and other evidence of injury.

The end result is that these delays and ambiguities make it much harder to bring personal injury cases forward against an employer, insurance company or any other responsible third party. That’s just one of the reasons why someone who believes they have been injured at work should consult a qualified injury attorney to help them evaluate their options and assess the situation. These legal professionals can advise on getting qualified medical attention, choosing whether to accept a certain settlement offer and proving the extent of injuries and the possible responsibility of a third party.

In addition to vague diagnoses or lack of evidence of injury, injury victims may have to deal with a statute of limitations for reporting a case. They may find other barriers, such as insurance companies that are unwilling to fairly assess medical costs. In all of these situations, those who have been harmed on a job site can consult qualified lawyers to stay up-to-date on the status of the case and figure out how to utilize their rights under the law. Injury lawyers do the necessary fact-finding and research to correctly evaluate a case.

They bring knowledge of federal, state and local law to the case to see how local courts usually respond to a certain type of case. Through all this, injury attorneys help their clients stay informed and become confident about their rights under the law.

New York City Trip and Fall Attorneys Can Help

Hurt at work in NYC? New York residents who have been injured in a construction accident can call the qualified injury attorneys at Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff. Our lawyers help New York families work through these sorts of cases. We understand how to assist injury victims in seeking fair and equitable treatment, including any reasonable compensation for what their injuries will cost them. Let us help you fight for fair results in New York courts.