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The NY DOSH On-Site Consultation Program

October 21, 2015 Construction Accidents,Personal Injury

Through the U.S. Department of Labor and New York State Department of Labor, the New York Division of Safety and Health’s (NY DOSH) on-site consultation program offers free surveys for work sites to look for safety hazards and environmental problems such as noise exposure and air contaminants.

Trained professionals evaluate work sites according to U.S. OSHA standards. Businesses can apply for various training programs involving hazard communication, recordkeeping, job site layout and more. With a library of 30 free courses, the NY DOSH program helps businesses acquire a reputation for excellence in safety and anticipate some of the issues that federal agencies look at when inspecting work sites.

It should also be noted that this free program, which is not attached to federal or state enforcement activities, is a way for businesses to get serious about safety before anything bad happens. It’s a resource for corporate evolution toward a more humane and well-balanced set of core business operations. It’s a chance for employers and regulators to get on the same page with respect to decreasing risks and making things efficient without cutting corners.

Other state programs may give companies a little leeway on OSHA inspections or other responsibilities if they are able to document safety standards and contribute their own initiatives with regard to ensuring workers are well cared for and not vulnerable to a range of workplace hazards.

Why Work With an Attorney?

Many of the issues brought up by regulators and state agencies are the same ones that personal injury lawyers look at after taking a work injury case. These legal professionals typically look for signs of either improper safety installations, lack of protective equipment or processes, or environmental or atmospheric hazards.

Attorneys look at the case from all angles to understand whether third-party responsibility applies and how injury victims can best get fair and equitable treatment in local courts. This entails a lot of dedicated legal fact-finding and research, as well as in-depth communications between various parties, such as employers and insurance companies.

Injury victims rely on qualified work injury attorneys to do this type of work while keeping them informed about legal options and rights under the law and advising them on timelines, restrictions and other legal standards for their injury case. When companies have not invested in their safety responsibilities, and where their omissions lead to tragic work accidents that affect one or more workers, the injury lawyer is the one tasked with working to get that victim’s voice heard in a court of law.

A New York City Catastrophic Injury Law Firm Can Help

If you or someone in your family was injured in a workplace accident in New York, call the attorneys at Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff. We’re dedicated to keeping our clients informed about legal options and promoting their best interests in court. Let us be by your side every step of the way through a work injury case to help you pursue compensation for all of the costs you face, including medical bills and lost wages.