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The Clock is Running – Time Limits on NY Injury Claims

August 7, 2015 Slip and Fall

Injury victims often seek guidance from personal injury attorneys to help them deal with different kinds of legal obstacles and challenges. Some issues are obvious, but others are completely unknown to the client until they sit down in their attorney’s office.

One important challenge is the time limit for dealing with workplace injuries or any other types of personal injury cases, such as slip and fall incidents.

The state of New York has something called a ‘statute of limitations’ for personal injury liability. The statute of limitations in such cases is generally three years. This is important because after this time, New York courts may throw the case out as untimely and the injured party may forever lose his or her opportunity to obtain justice.

Shorter Timelines

There is another particular complication in New York state that further constrains the ability of individuals to bring injury cases. A loophole or exception in the law provides that individuals only have 90 days to file claims against a city, and one year to file an applicable lawsuit. The same rule holds for New York counties and the state of New York itself.

Workers’ Compensation Claims                 

There are also other applicable rules in the state of New York for workers’ compensation claims. Some of them concern certain workers’ compensation insurance contracts signed between employers and their insurance companies. Others involve state requirements for documentation within a certain timeframe after the injury. In general, workers are not going to wait a significant amount of time to file a workers’ compensation claim, but this is something that New York residents should understand when looking at the full context of personal injury law in the state.

Representing Injury Victims

Qualified injury attorneys will work within the timeframes established by law and keep clients informed about their legal rights and options. Assuming that the client has contacted the attorney within the applicable timeframe, he or she can take over handling the case and make sure that it proceeds properly in a timely fashion. The attorney will need to interpret federal, state and local law to comply with any restrictions or barriers that may hamper the case.

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