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From Station to Station: Preventing Bus Accidents

February 11, 2015 Bus Accidents

When public planners and others need to act to avoid public transportation dangers, they will often look at the specific risk factors in transport operations around the metro area. The New York city bus system is a complex one — it has its own particular logistical struggles and safety issues. In a city of millions, across the five boroughs, planners need to understand where riders or others are vulnerable, as well as how to improve safety overall. Part of this involves the interplay of transit buses with other forms of transportation – cars and trucks on congested streets, subways underground, and pedestrians and bicyclists in public areas. Another aspect of safety concerns the infrastructure, which consists of New York’s tunnels and bridges, and everything else that makes up the landscape of the Big Apple.

Where Do Bus Accidents Happen?

Part of this analysis can involve looking at actual bus accidents. What portion of accidents occurred while buses were en route to their destinations? What about accidents at the point of departure from the station?

In getting this kind of detailed assessment, municipal leaders will better understand whether certain sight distances, poorly maintained roads or other factors play a major role in bus accident injuries. They may also be able to figure out whether a metro transport authority can take its own steps to make bus operations safer, for example, by correcting safety issues at a station. Collecting data is one of the best steps toward implementing any kind of safety program, and with today’s prevailing big data approach served by new technologies, there is more potential for a business or government agency to make positive changes.

Local New York City accident attorneys also look at these types of issues as they explore all of the factors in a particular bus accident. When called to represent their clients in court, these legal professionals will look at items like road maintenance, safety signage, safety installations and inclement weather to understand why riders and others are put at risk and what can be done about it.

Let Us Handle Your Bus Accident

New York bus injury lawyers look at the details of the case to figure out whether any third party responsibility applies. Finding evidence of negligence or inattention to public safety can help the injury victims receive the money they need for care and recovery or other services such as physical therapy. In a complex system, those who are not served by good, professional legal representation can often lose their opportunity to obtain justice. That said, families rely on local injury lawyers with expertise and knowledge of local court systems to get them the best outcome possible.

If you or someone you love was harmed in a bus accident, contact the law offices of Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff. We’re dedicated to keeping our clients informed every step of the way and will be at your side through the process of making personal injury claims, going to court and obtaining an outcome either via settlement or trial.