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Stand Clear of the Closing Doors

August 19, 2015 Train Accidents

Most New York residents understand the chaotic nature of riding the subway.

They understand the mad rush down to a platform and onto a train. They understand the careening through tunnels, the push of the crowd inside the car and those awkward times when the train car stops between stations.

They also understand the delicate interplay that happens in these systems between riders, as well as what needs to happen to maintain public health and safety. From the suit and tie commuters to performance artists and loitering individuals spending time in stations, there is often an elaborate process that takes place when we step inside to catch a train.

Factors of Common Subway Injuries

One factor of a subway injury is simple user error. We all know instinctively that when we hear the voice say “stand clear of the closing doors,” there will be at least one individual who does not take heed to the message, blocking the doors and causing them to open and close several times. You might also witness a person trying to pull them open while they’re closing.

Another factor involves station and train floor surfaces. We know that there are going to be times when the surfaces are slick or wet, so riders will need to be careful. We know that different types of situations may make stations more dangerous. We just don’t know exactly what those are and when they might occur.

All of these “known unknowns,” such as the maintenance of train station equipment and train cars, contribute to an atmosphere where people have to be ready for emergency situations. But that’s a lot of burden to put on the average, everyday traveler.

Looking Out for Injury Victims

New Yorkers may or may not be comfortable with the level of service and prevention given to NYC train systems; but after the fact, once an injury occurs, there are dedicated professionals who will get involved in the case and help protect the finances of those who suffered harm in a public transit accident.

Local New York City personal injury lawyers will look closely at a subway injury to determine what factors contributed to the accident and whether third parties have responsibility to pay for the care of the injured victim. In protecting their client’s best interests in court, these legal professionals will work to make sure that the injury victim’s voice is heard and that they exhaust all possible options for settlements and other court awards.

Help in Court From New York City Train Accident Attorneys

New York residents hurt in the subway can contact the law offices of Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff. We will keep you informed of all of your legal options, and help you access your rights under the law, while pursuing a personal injury claim in New York City courts. Let us be by your side in a New York personal injury or wrongful death case.