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Slip and Fall Accidents at Restaurants in New York

October 18, 2017 Slip and Fall


Who doesn’t love to have a romantic dinner at a nearby restaurant on the weekend in your very neighborhood? And, if you live in New York or are vacationing there, you have plenty of options for gastronomic yet inexpensive food at many eateries in town. There are restaurants in NYC for people of all types.

However, most food establishments put not just their employees, but also their customers at risk for slip and fall injuries. In fact, many of these accidents can be easily avoided of only restaurant owners follow safety measures that will help eliminate these falls.

Five reasons behind slip and fall accidents at restaurants in New York

Water, yes water is one of the main causes of accidents at restaurants in New York and across the globe. But, there are many other reasons behind people getting injured in a restaurant. Some of the common reasons slip and fall accidents occur are listed below:

Changes in elevation: In an attempt to make the interiors of a restaurant look appealing, owners create steps and alter floor elevations that can cause slip and fall accidents. Torn carpets, cracker tiles, and changes in floor texturing can also pose as a hazard to unsuspecting customers or the restaurant’s staff as they rush to wait on tables.

Food and drink spills: The entrance way, dishwasher area, entrance to the kitchen, and the cooking area in itself are high risk areas in a restaurant. Buffets too can turn into a danger zone when food or drinks that drop down to the floor aren’t cleaned up promptly. One other place where a number of accidents are recorded are the restrooms.

Poor lighting: Though a restaurant may have a dim lit ambience, it can prevent a person from seeing a puddle of water on the floor or an object fallen on the ground. This can result in a serious injury or fall.

Parking lots and sidewalks: Cracks and potholes in the pavement can cause a visitor to trip on a sidewalk or parking lot. If the parking lot is not well lit after sunset, it can turn into a dangerous zone. Standing water in parking lots too can create slip and fall hazards.

Inside and outside stairways: Just about everyone slips on the stairway at a restaurant at least once in their lifetime. If the stairs are cracked or do not have proper treading, accidents can occur. People can slip and fall when the handrails aren’t sturdy too. Again, standing water on stairways outside the restaurant can lead to accidents.

Slip and fall accidents at restaurants in New York are common. A person who has a slip and fall accident can sustain grievous injuries such as broken bones, back injuries, spinal cord injuries, or even a fractured pelvis. If you or somebody you know, has suffered an injury in a slip and fall accident, seek the counsel of an experienced personal injury attorney at Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff, & Wolff of RMFW Law.

You may stand a chance to receive compensation for your lost wages, medical bills, and the pain and suffering you endured, from the restaurant owner whose negligence lead to your fall. Call us at 212 697 9280 to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation.

No one wants to hurt someone else with a lawsuit but when you have suffered and have lost psychologically, financially, and medically, someone needs to pay. If someone is derelict and you are the person who suffers because they were careless and/or uncaring which is the same thing in some aspects, you need to send them a message so this does not happen to someone else.

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