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Site Debris – An Unnecessary Risk

November 13, 2015 Construction Accidents,Personal Injury

Some of the biggest injury risks for construction workers on active projects can actually be pretty small. One excellent example is the issue of site debris — a small hazard that can nevertheless add up.

During any number of work processes, site debris and scraps of material start to accumulate. Masonry workers can scatter bits of mortar or concrete around the floor space. Drywall or carpeting activities can also generate different types of small scraps. Even less intensive types of work, such as decorative work, can generate debris in the form of scraps of plastic or other bits of discarded containers from materials or equipment pieces.

The problem is that these little bits of material can add up to a massive safety hazard. Construction workers and others on the site often need to work fairly quickly. They may be further pressured by a “hurry up and finish” attitude on the part of a company or supervisor. And in their haste, they can fall or trip on debris that has fallen in their paths.

Debris-related injuries can happen anywhere. They can happen on even floor spaces, at entrances or exits of buildings, or in interior lobby areas or vestibules where lighting is poor. Such injuries can occur in stairwells or on elevators. They can even happen in places where workers face even worse accidents because of inadequate flooring or unsecured open spaces.

How the Courts Deal With Debris-Related Issues

New York courts have taken the debris issue seriously. Local courts have ruled for plaintiffs in cases where workers were injured slipping on some type of debris inside or around a building. Although companies can’t always anticipate every single hazard, they can take practical steps to make sure that workers’ paths are clear and unobstructed, and the issue of an unobstructed pathways is extremely critical in slip, trip and fall accidents and some other kinds of workplace injury cases.

Experienced personal injury lawyers know this and will apply it to injury cases when protecting their clients in a court of law. These legal professionals will use clear knowledge of federal, state and local law, as well as case precedent. They will look at New York state labor laws, such as New York Labor Laws 240 and 241, to apply common-sense legal protections to their injured clients. Attorneys can advise on medical care, how to interact with insurance companies and a host of other details that injury victims may not know how to navigate on their own. They will keep their clients informed every step of the way, helping them fight for fair and equitable compensation.

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