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Serviceable Ropes for Hoists

December 18, 2015 Construction Accidents

Most of those who do tough construction and trades jobs in New York have never read the entire New York labor law, and they may not recognize the wide spectrum of rules that state officials have put in place to protect them. Experienced New York work injury lawyers understand that there are many laws in place to make sure construction workers and others labor in safe environments.

In addition to things like the New York scaffolding and ladder law, a prominent and controversial piece of legislation, there are numerous types of laws involving nearly any kind of gear and equipment that workers use. One example is the comprehensive New York labor laws concerning hoists, rigging and pulley systems.

Taking just one prominent aspect of these laws, we could look at how New York law requires specific kinds of safety in selecting the ropes and chains used to haul heavy items up with a hoist or other similar system.

Fibre Rope

New York labor law specifies scenarios where fibre rope may be used. The law requires that fibre rope “shall be first grade manila hemp or synthetic fibre.”

New York law also requires:

  • Properly sized blocks to fit the rope that is used
  • Protection from exposure to acid or corrosive chemicals
  • Precautions to prevent chafing

The law also specifies that fibre rope that is unsound is to be removed from the job site.

Wire Rope

New York labor law also requires that wire rope be properly maintained and stored in a way that prevents certain kinds of damage. There are also rules on how many strands of wire rope could be compromised and how to deal with wire rope that shows signs of corrosion or deterioration. In addition, the law provides rules on rope clippings and fasteners.

Why are these laws important? In this particular case, they’re important because of the heavy weights that will be putting demands on hoist and rigging systems. If the New York labor laws on rope and fasteners seem obsessively detailed, it’s important to think about the effects that lax maintenance or poor conditions might have on the actual people using these tools at a job site. When you really think about it, it’s not hard to imagine a significant injury happening because of rope or other materials that are not in safe and serviceable condition.

When New York injury lawyers come in to evaluate cases, they look at precisely these kinds of issues. They perform the legal research and fact-finding needed to figure out whether the right precautions were in place at the job site. At the same time, they will be counseling their clients on how to proceed with the case — including providing advise on how to get qualified and impartial medical care, how to talk to insurance companies and how to prepare themselves to pursue compensation.

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