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Scalding Injuries in the Kitchen and Elsewhere in the Home

August 17, 2015 Burn Injury

The term “burn injury” encompasses many different types of scenarios and situations. While some of these happen in public spaces, many of them happen in the private living spaces of the injury victims. There are also various types of burn injuries that individuals can sustain, some of which result in emergency scenarios, while others are routinely caused by mis-calibrations of equipment or home appliances.

Can kitchen tap water become hot enough to burn? Of course it can. It’s simply a question of how boilers and water heaters are set up. People tend to immediately think of scalding as something that happens in bathtubs, but scalding water certainly can come out of any faucet. And leaving a young child alone in the kitchen for even a short time can lead to a scalding incident, particularly if the water systems themselves weren’t established by a technician or engineer who understands water temperature safety.

Looking to the Building Operators for Answers

In New York City and other urban environments, large numbers of people routinely rely on skilled professionals, building superintendents and others to correctly administrate building systems. This is often seen as a matter of convenience and general livability, but these individuals also save others from potentially serious injuries.

They do this by keeping an eye on building systems and making sure they are set up to meet public health and safety needs. Unfortunately, building owners often do not invest in hiring people with skill, or even people with a conscientious mindset. When hiring is done in building maintenance, it’s sometimes done in quite a lax way, without formal human resource teams or management professionals to oversee the process. There typically is no “quality assurance” and that can mean bad results for tenants exposed to unnecessary dangers in their rented homes.

Looking Out for the Injury Victim

New York City accident injury lawyers will look closely at the details of a case to see whether building managers have been selected in ways that are appropriate for maintaining public health and safety. They look to see what procedures were in place in a building and analyze how that may have impacted what happened there.

In addition to doing all of the necessary fact-finding and research, personal injury lawyers will work to educate clients about their rights and keep them informed about what is happening in their personal injury case. Using federal, state and local law and case precedent, they work to advance their client’s interests in court, working through legal hearings and other aspects of a court process, and bringing settlement options back to their clients.

Let New York City Burn Injury Attorneys Help

If you or someone in your family has sustained a burn injury, don’t hesitate to call the professional personal injury attorneys at Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff. Our dedicated legal teams know how to bring a personal injury or wrongful death case in New York courts. We’ll be by your side every step of the way through the potentially complex and challenging processes.