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Retaliation Can Cover Up Violations

February 3, 2016 Construction Accidents

Experienced personal injury lawyers often see various kinds of trends in the legal field. Some trends relate to scaffolding issues, trip and fall accidents, lack of personal protective equipment or other issues, while other trends relate to what happens after an injury is reported.

In some ways, you can think of injury response as being a type of “two track system” – a real-life ‘choose your own adventure’ story where outcomes rapidly differ. In other words, there tend to be two types of employers. One type will react immediately to work injuries by trying to smooth things over and offer the workers what’s fair. This type of company will have a system in place for working with injured parties and will be proactive in understanding third-party responsibility.

The second type of employer will start to actively suppress any news or evidence of an injury. This company will try to put pressure on the injured worker to “go along to get along,” so as to minimize the company’s liability.

Of course, there are many different prevailing philosophies about which mindset works out best for a company. However, many experienced personal injury lawyers will tell you that the first approach is best.

It’s a fact that New York State has some of the strongest protections in its labor laws for construction workers who are doing the tough job of building in the city. This goes all the way back to the 1800s when builders started to erect some of the first modern skyscrapers and everyone involved started to realize the unique risks evident in the field of construction.

From then until now, workers have faced many challenges. They’ve been injured and killed on the job. They’ve seen changes in corporate culture and changes in the national culture as a whole. And they’ve also seen these two tales emerge — this two-pronged track of response by companies.

Retaliation After an Accident

Retaliation is an ugly business. In some instances, the company involved will do its best to keep the injury under wraps by harassing or intimidating the injured worker, as well as others who may have witnessed the accident. A supervisor or manager may be coached to provide alternate testimony that confuses the legal process, at least temporarily. But in the end, personal injury attorneys often win out. They’re able to uncover the facts of the case, and fight back against retaliation, using all the power of federal and state law.

New York City Construction Accident Lawyers Are Prepared to Help

After a construction accident, you should consider speaking with an attorney at the law offices of Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff. Our attorneys have experience working on personal injury and wrongful death cases within the state of New York. We can help you evaluate a claim and determine all of your legal options. Let us fight for justice for you and your family after a workplace accident.