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Resources for Site Protection

October 22, 2015 Construction Accidents

Any time a company sets up a construction site in a busy urban area such as New York City, there’s a clear responsibility to secure that site and separate it from areas of public traffic and other chaotic public spaces. That requires certain kinds of physical tools, as well as safety protocols and procedures, for site protection to make sure workers are safe from intrusion, while also preventing certain kinds of public health and safety problems.

The Importance of Site Protection

Without adequate protection for a job site, visitors can come in and raise injury risks in various ways. They can aimlessly wander into the site and obstruct sight distance for machine or equipment operators. They may tamper with work structures or installations that are supposed to be installed correctly for safety. They may distract workers in various ways.

To prevent these sorts of problems, planners need to take advantage of specific kinds of installations to make sure everyone knows that a construction site is off-limits. One sure way to separate a construction site is with a high chain-link fence or other type of fencing. Temporary fences effectively wall off the site from human traffic.

Protection for vehicles is a little different, however. Still, where any work site is adjacent to a road, planners can use cones or barrels with bright reflective orange coverings, as well as brightly-colored warning tape, to provide clear directions on traffic lanes and make sure drivers know where not to go. Other items like sawhorses can also provide both vehicle and pedestrian site separation.

These are low-dollar items for a construction site, but they are nevertheless very important. Anyone who has tried to do any kind of a construction or maintenance project in New York City knows that you absolutely need these sorts of resources to stay safe. The vast volume of people moving around within the city boroughs necessitates a very careful approach — one that’s built on sufficient planning and consideration for safety.

What Else Can Be Done?

In addition to these sorts of safety accessories, companies need to provide workers with personal protective equipment. That includes hard hats or helmets, as well as goggles, gloves and other protective gear. Along with that, companies have the responsibility to train workers adequately and have a detailed work process in place in an effort to prevent different types of chaos and disaster.

When a personal injury lawyer is called in to represent a client in a work injury case, he or she will look at whether these kinds of protections were put in place, as well as what sort of planning was done for the construction site in question. These are important details for figuring out third-party responsibility and advising on how an injury victim may be compensated for all of the costs of care and recovery.

Getting Help From Skilled New York City Construction Accident Lawyers Is Important

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