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Reporting Workplace Injuries

August 24, 2015 Workers' Compensation

Employers in the New York City area have a responsibility to allow workers to file workers’ compensation claims when they are injured in accidents at work. But in many cases, the issue becomes a bit more complex. Injured workers may face significant challenges related to the workers’ compensation claim process.

Reporting Standards

It’s quite common for employers to have injury reporting standards in place. Like other types of emergency policies, these standards simply work to make the process consistent and keep everything transparent. But in some cases, it may seem that companies are hiding behind their reporting standards.

For example, an employer may attempt to argue that if they did not receive immediate notification of an injury, that failure to notify releases them from responsibility for covering that injury through their insurance. Obviously, there’s a statute of limitations for these types of cases, but workers should not lose out just because the company argues it didn’t get all of the information right away.

The best practice for workers is to always report injuries in a timely fashion, as soon as possible after they occur. That will give them a stronger basis to bring a personal injury case forward or to work through available workers’ compensation benefits. Where there’s any gray area or question about injury reporting, injury victims can rely on professional workers’ compensation and personal injury attorneys who can keep their best interests in mind.

Qualified injury lawyers know how to work through the workers’ compensation process from a client’s standpoint, and they also know how to deal with challenges and issues related to a victim’s injuries. Just as they might provide counsel on timely and impartial medical evaluations, they may also help their clients figure out how to work with the employer either to obtain workers’ compensation benefits or to resolve the case some other way.

Experienced New York City injury lawyers will always help their clients pursue compensation for the costs of care and recovery and make sure their voices are heard in New York courts. These lawyers will look at getting compensation for medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering in an effort to accommodate victims and protect them financially.

Get the Help You Need From a New York City Workers’ Compensation Law Firm

Anyone who is harmed in a workplace accident and unsure about how to proceed can call the lawyers at Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff. Our experienced injury lawyers will help to explain the process for workplace injuries and advise you with respect to your rights under New York law.

Our lawyers are dedicated to providing clients the best counsel available, and we will be attentive to your individual needs and your unique situation. Let us help you obtain the just compensation you deserve that will protect your family’s finances after an accident.