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Protest Marches – Accident Risks

May 28, 2015 Negligent Security,Pedestrian Accidents,Spinal Injuries

In today’s world, a very charged atmosphere exists between law enforcement and public citizens and it is having an effect on how we use public spaces. The nation has seen a dramatic rise in protests and activism within the last year as emotions build over many reported cases of police brutality. This is only one of the big issues that generates protest activity around New York City, but it is becoming by far the most prominent issue of the day.

Types of Protest Events

Some types of protest events are relatively broad — for example, the CBS local coverage of ‘Justice league NYC’ marching from Staten Island to Washington D.C. is an example of a more formal and less issue-specific group demonstrating for general criminal justice reform. Other types of protests are centered on a specific event, such as the case of Michael Brown in Ferguson Missouri, Eric Garner locally in New York and others around the country.

Along with these structured protest events, there are less structured events that have been construed as riots in places like Baltimore.

Public Safety

These often volatile events raise serious safety risks. One such risk is of altercations between different ‘sides’ of a protest, often between law enforcement agents and public citizens. Then there are the risks of a large amount of pedestrian traffic interacting with motor vehicle traffic along the protest route. In addition, there are risks related to hazards encountered during a protest march or other event, particularly since safety procedures may not be in place in various business or public spaces.

All of these things create a dangerous mix, and in any kind of injury claim, injury attorneys will have to sort through all of the details of an individual’s situation to understand the full context of what was involved. It may be necessary to take testimony, look at police reports or try to get photo or video of the event in order to get closer to the truth of what happened.

Defending an Accident Victim

The primary job of the personal injury attorney is to facilitate competition for the victim. Attorneys have to help their clients with any statute of limitations or other obstacles to claims while trying to help them document their injuries and provide details about the cost of care and recovery. These experienced attorneys must use their knowledge of federal, state and local law (along with case precedent) to establish what’s considered reasonable and fair after an injury. They may also deal with other involved parties, such as insurance companies.

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