Elevator Accidents

Elevator Accident Lawyers Help Injured New Yorkers

Elevator accidents occur during installation, maintenance, or even while usage. Malfunctioning and defective elevators have caused death and grievous injuries. If you or your loved one is injured while using an elevator, call a New York City elevator accident attorney to get the compensation you deserve.

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Investigating Accidents in Commercial and Residential Buildings

Elevators are installed within commercial, retail, and residential properties. Around 900,000 elevators are in use in the US, and each elevator serves around 20,000 people per year. These elevators must be properly maintained or accidents and injuries will occur.

In case of apartment buildings, elevator accidents involve users falling into the shaft due to faulty doors or caught between the elevator and the shaft wall. If you are a victim of an elevator accident in New York, please call an attorney at Rosenberg Minc Falkoff & Wolff immediately. You will need an Elevator expert engineer to prove your case and WE WILL PROVIDE ONE.


You Have Legal Options

If you or a loved one is injured in an elevator accident, it is important to get legal help immediately so you may properly investigate and file a claim for:

  • Product liability claim against the elevator manufacturer, for defective components.
  • Premises liability claim against the property owner for negligence and/or poor maintenance of the elevator.
  • Workers’ compensation claim against the commercial building, as a user of the elevator or as a worker in the elevator installation/maintenance.

The New York City government mandates and ensures that the elevator division conducts regular inspection of elevators once a year depending on the elevator type. This department updates all inspection results and posts them online through the Building Information System (BIS).

The rules necessitate that a copy of the inspection certificate be posted inside the elevator and made available for public reading. However, accidents do occur resulting in grievous injuries and fatalities. Our attorneys have a successful track record of fighting for a favorable settlement for elevator accident victims.

Why do elevator accidents occur?

Elevator accidents occur due to:

  • Circuit defects or malfunction
  • Hydraulic system failure
  • Mechanical breakdown
  • Sudden movement of the cabin or pulley systems
  • Rapid ascend or descend of the cabin within the shaft
  • Slippery elevator floors
  • Malfunctioning sensors – faulty doors opening in the floors resulting in falls into the shaft
  • Failure due to electrical and electronic circuitry
  • Maintenance issues – poor quality inspections & repairs, inadequate lighting inside the cabin
  • Cabin misalignment with floor level

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