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An auto accident will cause uncertainty in your life, but having a top-rated law firm work on your claim can help relieve your stress. You will need the best advice from an experienced New York City car accident lawyer. Our goal is to get you the compensation you deserve after an accident. Since 1922, the NYC law firm of Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff has won Hundreds of millions for car accident victims. We will not stop until we get the money you deserve for medical expenses, lost income, and your pain and suffering. Our clients do very well because we fight for the money they deserve, not what the insurance company wants to pay.

Legal Considerations

Passengers suffering car accident injuries in New York are covered by the no fault insurance law which provides insurance for your medical bills and lost earnings, but only if you properly file within 30 days.

Insurance companies have lawyers and doctors whose only goal is to minimize what they pay you. Having a skilled car accident lawyer at your side is really necessary to receive full compensation and file papers on time.

There may be several layers or levels of insurance that apply to one vehicle. Also under New York law a car may be responsible for all your damages even if they only minimally negligent. The car accident law is technical and requires experienced legal advice to get the correct analysis.

The car accident law firm of Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff has won over one billion dollars for injured New Yorkers. Our focus is on you and making sure that you get the money you deserve. Let us help you.

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How We Will Help After Your Car Accident – Our 10 Step Pledge To You

  • We will investigate the crash by taking photographs, interviewing witnesses, preserving the evidence, and obtaining police reports to PROPERLY prepare your case.
  • Visit your home or hospital room if requested.
  • Prepare and properly file the no-fault insurance forms within the necessary time limits.
  • Never charge you a fee or expense unless we win your case.
  • Assist you in finding a private doctor that accepts no-fault insurance.
  • Obtain reports from doctors and hospitals necessary to properly present your case.
  • Investigate how much insurance is available for your claim.
  • An experienced auto accident lawyer will always represent you.
  • Arrange a loan if you are in financial need.
  • Never settle your case unless you are fully satisfied.

We are tough, top-rated car accident lawyers, and we will fight for the money you deserve. Insurance companies will not compensate you fully unless they are forced to do it. Insurance companies take our New York City law firm very seriously. We have won hundreds of millions from them. When you hire our firm, they understand we will not stop until our clients have been fully compensated.

Understand Car Accident Law in New York

What is No-Fault Insurance?

No-fault insurance is mandatory insurance coverage for any vehicle operated in the State of New York which provides benefits to the occupants for medical care insurance and loss of wages. The minimum limit in New York is $50,000.00 of coverage. This can apply not only to occupants of the vehicle, but bicycle operators and pedestrians that do not have their own vehicles. No-fault insurance must be filed within 30 days of the accident and this is a very strict limit. It must be filed in writing to the no-fault carrier. Most medical providers in New York City do accept no-fault insurance. If you are receiving no-fault benefits there should be no out-of-pocket expenses for covered expenses. There is no co-pay charge. It is illegal for a doctor or a medical provider to overcharge you or make you pay personally in addition to what no-fault will compensate a doctor.

What is Uninsured Motorist Insurance?

Uninsured Motorist Insurance is coverage provided by your own vehicle’s insurance policy in the event you are in an accident with an uninsured motorist. This is coverage to protect you in the event that another vehicle involved in the accident does not insurance.

What is Underinsured Car Insurance?

Underinsured Insurance is coverage which you can purchase on your own policy which will give you or your occupant’s additional liability compensation insurance in the event that the other vehicle is not adequately insured. For example, if your insurance policy has $300,000.00 coverage limit but the vehicle that hot you has only $100,000.00 in available coverage then if you purchased Uninsured Motorist Insurance your occupants would receive the benefit of your higher limit of $300,000.00. This is optional insurance and you must purchase it from your own insurance carrier.

Common Types of Automobile Crashes in NYC

Left-Hand Turns

Left-hand turn cases are the most common of accident and involve one motorist making a turn in front of on-coming motorists. Often times insurance companies refer these as left-hand turn cases. Generally, the vehicle continuing on the roadway not making a left-hand turn would have the right of way unless there is an allocation that they are speeding. The claim is usually that the driver made a sudden left-hand turn in front of the oncoming vehicle.

Rear End Collisions

In the city, rear end collisions are very common. With stop and go traffic and inclement weather the opportunity for rear end collision is abundant. Generally, under the state’s Motor Vehicle Law, a driver is responsible for seeing what’s there to be seen ahead of them. Generally, the driver that is hit in the rear is normally successful in winning their claim.

Driving While Impaired or Intoxicated

Drinking and driving or using drugs is an ultra-hazardous activity. Unfortunately, impaired drivers cause deadly accidents because their reaction time is slower and they are drowsy or distracted.

Excessive Speed Accidents

Many accidents are contributed to excessive speed. The law in the State of New York actually talks about traveling faster than conditions allow on the roadway. What this means is that you can be charged with speeding in bad weather even if you were driving below the posted speed limit. Speeding leaves less time to react and/or stop and requires more car lengths to bring our vehicle to a halt.

Cross-Over Accidents Explained

These accidents when one vehicle crosses over a divided highway or roadway into oncoming traffic. These are the deadliest forms of crashes as impact speed is doubled what a single vehicle accident involves as the vehicles are heading towards each other at equal or greater speeds. We often see tragic results from these types of accidents. A lot of time is spent on evaluating how the crash occurred and who is responsible by reconstructing the impact point, skid marks, witness statements on the roadway and trajectory of the vehicles after impact.

Taking on serious cases in New York City, our car accident lawyers offer the help and advice you need.

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