Scaffold Accidents

Scaffold Accidents in New York City

Construction workers put their lives at risk every time they use a scaffold. Working on scaffolds and other platforms can be extremely dangerous. Injuries are often life-threatening and career ending. An experienced New York City scaffold accident lawyer is necessary to get the money you deserve after an accident. Many of our clients have received Millions in scaffold injury settlements, but never without a tough fight against the insurance companies.

Learn Your Legal Rights After a Construction Injury

Construction workers in NYC have special legal protections when they are injured on a scaffold. Construction workers must be provided with equipment that avoids accidents when working under dangerous conditions.

Every worker injured on the job is entitled to worker’s compensation, but scaffold workers may also bring a lawsuit to recover much higher damage awards. That means you may have two cases going for the same accident.

The lawyers at Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff and Wolff understand what the NY labor law requires, and how we can win your case.

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How to File a Scaffold Injury Claim in NYC

  1. First, as a construction worker, you must report the accident, then seek immediate medical treatment to document your accident and injury.
  2. Take cell phone photos of the area if at all possible. Get the names of any witnesses or workers in the area. Get the address of the job site and the names of any contractors working there.
  3. We recommend that you speak to an experienced scaffold accident lawyer in New York City before you give a statement to anyone.
  4. Time limits to file a notice of claim on some jobs are only 90 days.
  5. Get free advice from an experienced construction injury lawyer. Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff and Wolff understands what the NY labor law requires, and will advise you on how to win your case.

Learning Which Type of Scaffold Work Allows Lawsuits in Addition to Worker’s Compensation Claims

If you were doing construction work on a commercial building or a multifamily residential property, you may have the right to bring a lawsuit in addition to a workers compensation claim. We have successfully done this for hundreds of our clients

Most types of construction work make a second case possible, but it cannot be routine maintenance.

The type of scaffolding involved is not important as long as it is an elevated work platform. Pipe scaffolding or a suspended scaffold qualify, and even a makeshift elevated platform is ok. Legally there must be a failure of some safety device or rule violation but you will need expert legal advice from a New York City scaffold injury attorney to explain the details.

Get Help From a Top Rated Experienced Law Firm

Experience, results and client satisfaction are truly important measures for you to consider when selecting a Law Firm. Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff and Wolff, is dedicated to winning construction injury cases and getting families the money they deserve. We have won over a Billion dollars for our clients and have decades of construction experience.

If you have been involved in a scaffolding accident, get expert legal advice from experienced attorneys who have won hundreds of millions of dollars for construction workers and their families.

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Understanding What an Experienced Construction Lawyer Can Do For You

  • We will immediately send out an engineer and our investigator to build a strong case for the injured construction worker.
  • We will guide and protect the family through the compensation and legal process every step of the way.
  • You will always have a tough experienced construction attorney at your side and available at any time.
  • Our only goal is getting the worker generous compensation for pain and suffering, medical bills, and lost wages.
  • Our wins often amount to millions of dollars.
  • We will file your case on time and push it along quickly.
  • We have private doctors available to treat you.
  • We can arrange financial assistance if it is needed.
  • Our success rate exceeds 95%
  • There is never a fee or expense unless we win your case.
  • Home or hospital visits arranged gladly.

Please don’t speak to anyone about your accident without consulting us first. Our goal is to help you.

We Will Guide You Through This Difficult Time

NYC Construction workers must be provided with equipment that avoids accidents. Our only goal is to give the injured worker the legal help they will need to fight with the insurance companies and the big real estate interests. We will be there for you and your family from beginning to the end of the case.

Don’t let contractors and insurance companies blame you. We know the law and can protect and show you how to win your case.

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