Forklift Accidents

Legal Help for Victims of Forklift Accidents in New York

Forklifts are heavy, fast-moving machines. They can be found on construction sites, warehouses and other industrial facilities. Workers on these sites need to be constantly aware of where a forklift is and what it is doing. Forklifts can tip over or collide with other vehicles or people working in the general area. When forklifts cause accidents, the injuries that result can be very serious. These injuries can keep you from working for months or years and may forever limit the type of work you are able to do. Your injuries may prevent you from ever working again.

In these times, it is important that you hire a New York City forklift accident lawyer who will explore every possible source of compensation for your medical expenses, lost income and other damages. If you were the driver of a forklift that overturned, or if you were struck by a forklift, the lawyers at Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff LLP can help you get the money damages you need.

Investigating the Accident

After any construction accident involving heavy machinery, it is important to fully investigate the circumstances behind the accident. For example:

  • Was the forklift properly maintained?
  • Was the forklift defectively designed or manufactured?
  • Should a forklift even have been used for the particular task at hand?
  • Were proper safety measures taken?

We will find the answers to all of these questions and more. There can be any number of responsible parties, including the maintenance company, the manufacturer of the forklift, property owners and others. Our attorneys will get to the bottom of what happened and bring claims against whoever shares blame for your injuries.

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