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Personal Injury Case – How to Deal with Insurance Companies

October 29, 2015 Personal Injury,Personal Injury FAQs

No doubt, insurance companies carry a huge mandate to help people in times of distress. Their business is to indemnify you against losses. But insurance companies do not follow the book when it comes to settling the claim to the claimant’s benefit. The claimant can also be convinced by the sweet talk of the insurance company executives.

Never deal with insurance companies directly, always consult a personal injury lawyer

Never deal with insurance companies directly and if they arrive quickly politely inform them your lawyer will be contacting them soon.

There can be a friend inside the company who may sound convincing, yet, it is always safe not to reveal any information relating to your claim or accident, however friendly you are with an insurance company insider. Insurance companies try to minimize their financial outgo toward claim settlements and make more money in the process. Contact your New York City personal injury lawyers if you need to know more about filing claims with insurance companies.

Exercise Caution While Talking to Insurance Adjusters

Once you file a claim against the negligent third party, the insurance company will speak with you and try to extract sensitive data they want from you relating to the accident and the claim. Your words and your admission can go against you in the settlement and sometimes you may even be helping them to repudiate the claim. They can sincerely regret your plight and compensate suitably. Let their sympathies and demeanor not deceive you.

Seek Professional Help

Never produce any unwanted document not connected to your accident or claim. Exercise caution before signing any document with the insurance adjusters. In case you are not comfortable or you are not able to understand small print or the technical language of the insurers, seek help before inking. Contact your New York City personal injury lawyers for assistance.

Don’t Evaluate Injuries on Your Own

Injuries need not manifest immediately after an accident. It may take days to even weeks or months for the injuries to surface in the form of symptoms, pain, behavioral changes, unfavorable bio-chemical reactions or blood chemistry and restricted mobility of extremities. Internal injuries may take time to surface and never admit to claim adjusters anything about your injuries. You may not be the best judge to evaluate your injuries and you should seek the help of a medical professional.

Guessing will not Help

Provide factual information to the best of your ability and judgment. Never meander or guess. Your guess or ambiguity may go against you and the insurance adjusters are eagerly waiting to hear you stumble or stare.

Never Admit Fault

Even if you think you were at fault to some degree, avoid being apologetic or guilty of any wrong doing. As courtesy demands, you may feel like feeling sorry for an incident, yet, better resist such temptations to admit any faults, be it, to the insurance adjuster or police or the other party. This admission can go against your settlement and you may never know if the other party was also negligent.

Outstanding Legal Help

If you or your loved one has been injured in a personal injury accident, contact the New York City personal injury lawyers of RMFW Law for help.

Lawyers at RMFW Law know the methods insurance companies adopt to avoid paying the right compensation to claimants. They are waiting to help you recover from your losses. Call 212 697 9280 now. They know this field. They know how to win cases. If you want to increase your chances of increasing your net worth, call this law firm now and join the many people who are thankful they made that phone call.