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Pedestrian dies after being struck twice by vehicles

October 1, 2011 Car Accidents

On behalf of Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff, LLP

Struck by two vehicles within a minute, a 48-year-old Englewood woman died on the roadway last month. She had been crossing the street when a northbound Chevy van hit her and threw her into the path of cars driving south. She was struck again by another car and, tragically, the dual car accident brought an untimely end to her life. The man driving the van is now in custody; he is a New York City man, age 52. The driver of the second car is yet unknown.

The van’s driver had fled the scene and remained unidentified for a month. However, when he discovered that an arrest warrant against him had been issued, he voluntarily identified himself to police in Teaneck where the accident had occurred. He was charged with “leaving the scene of a fatal accident.” This New York City man is being held in Bergen County jail on bail set at $100,000. He is alleged to have tried to conceal the accident by repairing the van’s exterior the day after the accident.

Regardless of how the man’s criminal proceedings turn out, the fact will remain that the unfortunate Englewood woman died a tragic and gruesome death — struck by two vehicles, she passed away alone on a road.

Our American legal system allows persons who have been injured or unexpectedly have been robbed of a loved one to seek compensation in a court of law. Some damages may include; punitive damages to punish perpetrators and deter other negligent and reckless persons, and compensatory damages to compensate victim or family members for medical bills, lost income and even emotional pain.

Filing claims for personal damages in a court of law is the province of legal counsel who practices personal injury law. Personal injury law is quite vast and, therefore, some attorneys choose to focus on auto accident cases. Persons who find themselves in the same circumstances as the family of the deceased Englewood woman may find a consultation with an auto accident attorney immensely valuable. Such an attorney can start informing a potential client whether or not he/she has a sound claim, and possibly end the matter by collecting a fair award for damages.

Source: The Teaneck Patch, “New York City Man Charged in Fatal Teaneck Road Hit-and-Run,” Noah Cohen, Sept. 8, 2011