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Patients Face Serious Injuries Due to Egregious Medical Care From NY Doctors

September 11, 2017 Medical Malpractice,Personal Injury

Patients have a right to expect high quality care from doctors, but they do not always get that level of care. When a care provider fails to fulfill his professional obligations and a patient is harmed, the victim or his family can pursue a claim for compensation. A New York personal injury law firm can provide representation in a malpractice claim and can help victims to obtain monetary damages for losses caused by medical negligence.

If doctors do something wrong, a civil suit may be only the beginning of the consequences faced. In some cases, doctors will be disciplined by their state medical boards or lose their license to practice medicine. In rare instances where a doctor behaves egregiously, the doctor could face criminal charges.

Unfortunately, while many patients assume that it is the end of a doctor’s career when a doctor does something so wrong in his profession that he is convicted of a crime, this is not necessarily the case, as a recent report from U.S. News & World Report shows.

Doctors Have Been Returning to Practice Despite Felony Convictions

According to U.S. News & World Report, there were two doctors in Missouri who were not allowed to practice medicine because they misused prescription drugs and were convicted of felony offenses. However, the Missouri Board of Registration for the Healing Arts made the decision to re-license both of these doctors. They did so because they believe that the doctors are part of a larger group of physicians who have become caught up in prescription drug abuse epidemics that exist throughout the United States.

One of the doctors who was given his license back was charged with distribution of controlled substance, and his lawyer indicated he had his own addiction to pain pills when the attorney was representing him in a malpractice lawsuit. Another of the doctors who was given his license back was arrested for drunk driving in 2003, and was arrested again later and convicted of a felony in 2010 for forging prescriptions for opioids and other medications. He was also convicted of criminal damage to property.

Because the Board of Healing Arts reinstated the medical licenses of these doctors, they are both now permitted to practice medicine anywhere within the state of Missouri. There are only very limited restrictions placed upon them. For example, neither are allowed to obtain a registration number that would allow them to write prescriptions for controlled substances for pharmacies to fulfill.

The top health official in Missouri raised questions about why the regulatory board would have restored the license of these two doctors to practice medicine, but the Healing Arts indicates the problem of opioid addiction and drug epidemic in the state are being studied and new efforts are being made to try to fight the epidemic.

The problem is, if these doctors still have lingering addiction or other issues, it is patients who could be put at risk. A New York personal injury law firm can provide representation to victims hurt by negligent doctors, so those who do suffer harm should contact an attorney as soon as possible for help pursuing an appropriate legal remedy.