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OSHA Guidelines for Temporary Workers

March 23, 2015 Construction Accidents

Temporary workers are some of the most vulnerable front-line workers in America’s high-risk industries. Particularly in tough physical industries like construction and even when their participation is mainly unskilled, for example, in construction clean-up or materials transport, temporary workers need to be protected by the full power of the law to make sure that they don’t suffer from exposure to improper workplace hazards.

The United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) provides some handy guidelines for the use of temporary workers in construction, manufacturing or anywhere else they serve employers in a workplace.

An OSHA guide called “Protecting Temporary Workers” starts with a quote from Assistant Secretary of Labor for OSHA David Michaels, underneath a scrolling banner illustrating tragic workplace injuries and fatalities.

Michaels points out that there’s responsibility for employers to treat temporary employees as they would in-house staffers. OSHA also talks about a ‘joint responsibility’ for the safety of temporary workers. In other words, the staffing service should help to provide orientation and screening for workers, and some other kinds of services, while the client business is generally responsible for on-site safety.

Communication is Key

Clearly, these situations work best when the client employer and the staffing service are on the same page and communicate effectively. The OSHA guide notes, “The key is communication between the agency and the host to ensure that the necessary protections are provided.” Such communication makes all the difference.

For example, staffing services will advise workers on what personal protective equipment they may need, i.e. steel toed boots, hard hats, goggles, gloves etc. before they ever enter an industrial workplace. Staffing services may also provide some of the crucial training videos that are so important to the training process to provide the right education for frontline workers.

All of this helps promote the underlying idea that employers are responsible for what happens inside their buildings and on their work sites. OSHA provides tip lines, online training resources and more as a key regulator of American labor around the country.

Too often, employers cut corners or fail to put in place proper safety procedures for various types of business process. Injuries and fatalities can result. Personal injury lawyers look at these cases to figure out how to help injury victims get compensated for all the costs they will face, including medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering. These professional lawyers will look at all aspects of the case, including any third-party responsibility where negligence or inattention to public safety led to an accident.

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