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NYC Jury awards an Injured Passenger 5 Million Dollars… But The Transit Authority Refuses To Pay!!!

July 17, 2019 Bus Accidents

It’s been five long years since Cabrerra was injured by a bus in NYC. With multiple fractures and unable to work, Mr. Cabrerra put his case in the hands of a NYC Personal Injury Superlawyer, Daniel Minc.

What would become of Cabrerra’s case?

This is a shining example of why a top-notch legal fighter is required in NYC personal injury litigation. Even though Cabrera was an innocent passenger with multiple fractures, it took five long years to get to a $50,000 offer before trial, and then a final offer of $100,000 was made and rejected by Minc during the trial.

What could the TA possibly be thinking?

What could a jury do with this case? The TA brought in several experts in an attempt to defeat Cabrerra. Rather than offering a realistic settlement, they chose to spend and spend and spend on experts to defeat this poor guy.

The summations were completed, the Jury bell rang: $5.4 Million for Cabrerra. But wait, it’s not over.

The Transit Authority — instead of entertaining negotiations with attorney Minc — made a motion to overturn the verdict, which resulted in a four-month additional wait for Cabrerra, but fortunately, the judge let the verdict stand!

But wait, it’s not over yet!
The Transit Authority filed an appeal with the Appellate Division First Judicial Department, leading to another year-long wait for Cabrerra, but success! His verdict is unanimously AFFIRMED and a $5.4 Million judgment is entered a second time

But wait, it’s Still not over yet!
The Transit Authority still refuses to pay Cabrerra. Instead, a notice arrives that they are requesting an appeal to the highest court in the state of New York. Stay tuned for further updates!