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NYC Personal Injury Lawyers Discuss Delays in Crash Tests for Taxis, Limos

April 5, 2016 Car Accidents,Personal Injury

In New York City, many people get around via taxi or hired car.  Cabs and limousines or sedans should be safe for passengers so they can get to their destinations without incident. If an accident does happen, these hired vehicles should have good safety features to reduce the chances of passengers being seriously hurt. Unfortunately, injuries can happen in hired cars.  New crash test requirements were supposed to reduce the chances of taxi and limo users being seriously injured by making sure these cars were as safe as they could be.  These requirements, however, have now been delayed.

When an injury happens in a taxi, limousine, or other hired vehicle, passengers face challenges because there may be multiple defendants who could be sued and held responsible for serious injuries or fatalities. Victims need to understand how NY’s no-fault rules work, the circumstances under which they can sue professional drivers and their employers, and the requirements for making a claim. New York City personal injury lawyers can provide guidance and advice on options for those who have been hurt in a cab or other hired car.

Crash Test Requirements Delayed for Taxis and Limousines

Many people mistakenly believe that being in a taxi or limousine is safer than other transportation options because these vehicles are driven by professional drivers. The sad reality, however, is these cars may actually be riskier than others on the road. The problem stems, in part, from the partition.  The hard partition installed in taxis and certain other hired cars can result in many crash victims sustaining broken noses, lacerations and other serious head trauma.

Doctors told the Taxi and Limousine Commission about the added risk of injury due to partitions in vehicles and, in 2013, the agency decided to take action. The agency passed a requirement mandating that yellow cabs had to undergo a crash test with the partition in place.  The crash test would determine whether the partition presented an unacceptable risk of facial and head injuries. Crash tests are also aimed at showing if partitions interfere with air bags and whether the cabs are able to withstand side impact crashes.

Many safety advocates and researchers have spoken out strongly in favor of requiring crash tests. According to NY Daily News, one professor of surgery and population health at New York University School of Medicine indicated that the only way to evaluate the ability of the cab to handle impact is for a crash test to be conducted.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that the crash test requirement was passed in 2013, it did not actually require immediate crash testing. Originally, the rule was supposed to go into effect and crash testing was supposed to be required in December of 2015. The Taxi and Limousine Commission, however, decided to delay the requirement for crash testing. This means there continue to be potentially unsafe hired cars on the roads and taxi users may not be aware of the added risk.  If those who are in taxis or limos get hurt because of problems with the vehicles, New York City injury attorneys should be consulted right away to assist in pursuing a damage claim. Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff can help injured victims. Call our office today to discuss your case.