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NYC Metro-North Train Crash Prompts Safety Assessment

March 29, 2014 Train Accidents

On behalf of Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff, LLP

A tragic train crash and derailment from late last year is driving safety improvements to New York City rail department safety protocols.

A Bronx commuter train crash killed four people in December – now, public officials are looking at the factors that contributed to the accident, and how to improve safety in that area.

One critical aspect of safety improvement is signage. Reports like this one from Fox News show that the train in question was traveling at over 80 miles an hour on a curve when the accident happened. Apparently, a 30 miles an hour limit is in place, but signage may have been inadequate.

The vast discrepancy in speed — a train traveling at 50 mph over the existing speed limit — goes a long way to show how some of these tragic accidents can happen. Clearly, there was some sort of reckless or negligent operation of the train, or some other mitigating factor, which bears a lot of research that may drive future reforms to the system.

Recorders on Trains

Officials are also calling for better monitoring equipment. Local boards have been calling for recording equipment for audio and video that would help provide information on safety risks. Local officials claim that the Federal Railroad Administration had dragged its heels on implementing these kinds of improvements. State legislators recommended local authorities add this kind of monitoring appointment before a federal recommendation or requirement, in a proactive move to make sure that these kinds of serious accidents are more effectively prevented.

Tragic Train Accidents: Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Claims

When New York train accident attorneys look at these kinds of unfortunate accidents, they look at issues like the above, where reckless operation may have caused railway danger, or where inadequate safety provisions may have led to the crash. In looking at large vehicle accidents, personal injury law firms may identify several factors that contributed to results. New York train accident attorneys will also work with clients to deal with any local or state laws that may put limitations or restrictions on how injury victims can seek compensation. Although some of these kinds of cases may seem simple, the reality is that plaintiffs need to know about the need for certain kinds of documentation and proof for injuries, such as protocols for timely medical consultation. These are just some of the issues that qualified legal teams advise on when handling personal injury claims such as these, where a large vehicle accident caused physical injuries, pain and suffering.

Getting Legal Help in NYC

Those in New York City who are suffering from personal injuries after an accident can seek out help from New York train accident attorneys at Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff. Our firm has experience helping families to collect compensation for the disastrous effects of a train crash or other traffic accident, or other personal injury scenarios. Let us help you to move forward with a case where negligence or reckless endangerment played a role.