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NY Response to Train Crash – More Traffic Safety

April 8, 2015 Train Accidents

Weeks after the disastrous and tragic New York Metro North train crash in Valhalla, officials are still talking about instituting more safety measures on New York City Metro transit systems.

A February 15 report in the New York Times shows Sen. Charles Schumer of New York and Sen. Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut discussing the use of federal money to take measures to lower risks at rail crossings, in response to the biggest train accident in recent history.

The two lawmakers are arguing for $50 million per year in federal money that would put more safety gear around crossings, such as more lighting and warning signage, as well as more functional crossing gates. Some crossings would also be relocated. Schumer called railroad crossing conditions in some parts of the state “accidents waiting to happen.”

The Valhalla Crash

On February 3, six individuals were killed in a train crash when a car got stuck on the tracks at a crossing. This unprecedented carnage really brought local crossing safety to the attention of officials and others who study the risks passengers, drivers and conductors face in public transit, as well as perils for motorists and others around these crossings. While the Valhalla accident was an extreme illustration of what can happen at crossings, the fact is that there are many such accidents every year around the country.

With an investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board underway, officials are looking at how best to provide reasonable amounts of money to make the best fixes possible when the ideal safety provision of crossing bridges is, in many places, not feasible. However, even a minor improvement in safety installations can prevent something like the tragedy that happened in a busy and congested area not far from the Tappan Zee bridge connecting New Jersey to New York.

Representing Train Injury Victims

New York personal injury lawyers are familiar with reviewing cases involving New York City public transit. They understand the broader types of risks and risk factors in these accidents. When someone is harmed by negligence or inattention to public safety in or around New York public transit facilities, or when using these public systems, they rely on these legal professionals to pursue their best interests and get their voices heard in local courts and get the money they may need for care and recovery.

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