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Not Happy with the Insurance Company’s Offer?

November 4, 2015 Personal Injury,Personal Injury FAQs

Notification Letter

In the case of an auto accident, the victim approaches the third party’s insurance company with a claim or notification letter. The insurance company’s claim adjusters check the veracity of the claim. They investigate the accident, verify the police records, check the claim records and reports, and if everything is in order, they make a move to settle your claim. Right? Wrong! The claim adjusters are not paid to settle your claims.

Who are Claim Adjusters?

Insurance firms go to great lengths to delay or deny your personal injury claim

Insurance firms go to great lengths to delay or deny your personal injury claim.

Claim adjusters are insurance executives who have the authority to settle your auto claim. Their job is to minimize the company’s expenses and maximize profits for the company. They are there to repudiate or deny your claim rather than settle your claim as per your settlement demand letter. At the best you may be offered a “drop dead” or “take it or leave it” settlement which may not help your cause.

If you are not interested in a settlement offered by the insurance company, you can file a lawsuit and you can approach our New York City personal injury attorneys for a legal opinion.

Why Deny Claims?

Insurance companies pay less or deny claims in order to make more profits. Insurance adjusters have a major role in reducing the claim outgo by finding novel reasons to reject claims. Some of the frivolous grounds on which claims can be rejected include:

  • Poor paperwork or documentation errors
  • Assumptions made contrary to actual findings
  • Expiry of time frame provided to submit papers
  • Rushing the claimant through processes and confusing them
  • Not properly evaluating the losses incurred or future losses of the claimant

Why Delay Claims?

  1. Insurance companies may resort to delaying claim settlement. An inordinate delay may apply pressure on the claimant or the victim to settle for whatever amount is paid. After an accident, the victim is bound to be under financial stress and when the victim is in need of money greatly, he or she may be forced to accept whatever comes their way.
  2. Simple laws of investment and returns, help the insurance companies to retain settlement funds until the last minute so that they can show profits.
  3. The insurance companies may also try to delay judicial processes so that the victim is stressed and tired of the delays. Eventually, the victim may succumb to such unethical practices and receive whatever is offered by the insurance company even if it is less than expected and less than they deserve.

It is advisable to engage the services of New York City personal injury attorneys as soon as possible so that you don’t become a victim of their unfair practices.

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