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New York’s Worker’s Comp Process

October 20, 2015 Workers' Compensation

Some people tend to think of complex legal processes in the simplest terms. For instance, take a workplace injury. A lot of those who may be hurt on the job might start out thinking that they don’t need an attorney because the process will be fairly straightforward.

Some believe that you simply report the injury, prove the extent of the injury and collect the money. But in reality, it’s rarely that simple.

When employers, insurance companies and other parties get involved, resolving a workers’ compensation or work injury case can be a painstaking and complicated process. That’s why injury victims rely on experienced legal counsel to help them work through cases. Trying to tackle a case without adequate representation can feel a little like being lost in the ocean on a lifeboat and doing so can really affect the outcome of a case.

Confusion About Timelines

As with other kinds of legal settlement processes, timing can be a critical issue in resolving a work injury claim. The injury victim may get some sort of indication that he or she is going to be getting a settlement sometime in the future, but there may not be a hard and fast date attached to it, or the date may change because of some kind of bureaucratic process.

This can create a lot of disorientation and insecurity on the part of the injury victim. After all, doctors aren’t delaying medical bills. Money for lost wages isn’t magically appearing in the bank account. Furthermore, the families of injury victims may start to feel a little shortchanged — they are often faced with looking at their own financial situation and figure out when critical money is coming in to help them make various financial decisions.

Communications and Court Events

At the same time, just dealing with normal court events can be a hassle. There’s the scheduling of court hearings and other meetings to address the claim or case. Some of the communications around this process can be less than clear. That being the case, injury victims who are not familiar with the legal process need clear, direct advice on their legal options and rights under the law. A dedicated injury lawyer plays this role and keeps clients informed in an effort to advance their interests in local courts.

Confusing Correspondence

At some point, many injury victims encounter this part of the process – they receive a letter full of legalese that seems to affect their case. But it’s not entirely clear what the letter means. There may be questions about legal jargon, insinuations or implications about outcomes, or vague and imprecise denials of responsibility. There may be questions about when certain sums of money are forthcoming or whether a party agrees to pay. This is just another common type of situation where having a qualified work injury attorney on hand is critical to the outcome of the case.

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