New York Airplane Accidents

Helping Airplane & Helicopter Accidents Victims

Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff is able to handle all types of airplane and helicopter crashes—large or small. Although commercial airline crashes are rare events, they always result in a wide-scale tragedy. Private aircraft crashes occur more frequently, but the result is no different.

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What to Do If You Have Lost Someone in an Airplane Crash

If you have lost a loved one, you need answers. You need those responsible for your losses to be held accountable, and you need a law firm that is experienced in handling wrongful death and injury claims—RMFW Law is all of those things and more.

We offer FREE consultations for clients. You have no reason not to call us to learn more about how we can help you and your family. There are NO FEES unless we win your case.

Countless New Yorkers have turned to the lawyers at RMFW Law to assist in recovering full compensation after a serious or fatal accident involving an airplane or helicopter. These cases are emotionally draining, hard to understand and often leave clients feeling like they have no control. You can gain that feeling of control back by knowing that we are working on your case to ensure that justice is reached.

Investigating the Cause of the Accident

Our New York airplane crash attorneys begin every case by looking closely at all potential causes of the accident. Pilot error is a common cause, but there can be a number of additional factors that lead to the accident, including:

  • Faulty or Defective Aircraft Parts
  • Mechanical Errors
  • Environmental Conditions
  • Pilot Error

We will work closely with experts in a variety of fields to determine the cause of the crash, as well as the financial damages stemming from the airplane accident. With generations of success fighting for New York residents, we understand how to thoroughly prepare an injury claim and can do so for you successfully.

About the Miracle On The Hudson

The emergency landing of US Airways Flight 1549 on the Hudson River, known as the “Miracle on the Hudson,” captivated people across New York and the United States. The expert efforts of pilot Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger undoubtedly saved the lives of everyone on the plane. His actions were called heroic in newspapers headlines across the country.

Unfortunately, when planes go down unexpectedly, the far more common result is that everyone on board is either killed or catastrophically injured. If you have an experience like this, you should immediately consult an attorney. Airplane and helicopter crashes are extremely complex and large-scale cases with many small details. Seeking the help of a professional New York airplane accident lawyer is a smart decision that could be the differences between winning and losing a case.

There Are No Fees Unless We Win Your Case

There is no downside to calling RMFW Law. Unless we win your case, there are no fees. We have five convenient locations across New York in Astoria, NYC, Queens and two locations in Brooklyn. In addition, we have the ability to come to you, or your family, if you are unable to leave home or the hospital. Call us at 1-866-516-5887 or contact us online to schedule your free initial consultation. We can accommodate all major languages.

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