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Truck Accidents Cause Mayhem in Peoples’ Lives

September 9, 2015 Personal Injury,Truck Accidents

Truck Accidents

Thousands are killed or injured in accidents that involve commercial trucks. An average automobile weighs around 3,000 lbs. The weight of a semi-truck is more than 75,000 lbs. When a trailer-truck is involved in an auto collision, the outcome is usually disastrous and painful. Drivers, passengers involved in such accidents suffer grievous injuries and sometimes lose life.

There is loss of property as well. Such heavy vehicle drivers are well trained and are thorough professionals, yet accidents do occur when they are pushed to the limits by unrealistic deadlines, adverse weather conditions, and other factors.

Combination Vehicles

Personal injury laws pertaining to truck accidents are too complicated to be understood by a general personal injury attorney

Personal injury laws pertaining to truck accidents are too complicated to be understood by a general personal injury attorney.

Semi-trailer trucks carry freight. The tractor – trailer combo is handled by skilled and experienced drivers on the road. These tractor-trailers have multiple axles and are built to haul heavy cargo. There are different semi-trailers that haul different kinds of products. Reefer, tanker, auto hauler, dump trailers are some of the semi-trailers that are in commercial use. Drivers who handle these monsters on the roads are expected to be agile and rested. Due to tight commercial deadlines, these drivers may be under compulsion to drive more.

What causes truck accidents?

Truck accidents happen due to varied causes and your New York truck accident attorneys need to analyze and investigate well to find the underlying cause that contributed to the accident. This helps to ascertain who is at fault in a truck accident and proceed with a claim accordingly.

One or more of the following reasons could play a major role in a truck accident.

  • Violation of traffic rules – giving the right of way
  • Trailing closely
  • Driving without adequate rest leading to impairment of judgment
  • Intoxication
  • Rash and negligent driving
  • Failure of auto components
  • Service / maintenance failure
  • Poor weather conditions – slippery pavements
  • Distraction by cell phones, radio
  • Conversation with co-passengers
  • Eating or drinking while driving
  • Headphones
  • Falling asleep over the wheels
  • Prescription medication and illness
  • Distraction by flashy lights, huge billboards, urban traffic chaos
  • Unsafe road conditions
  • Driving license condition violations
  • Inexperienced drivers unable to handle tough situations

Liability Insurance

In accidents involving trucks, engaging financial experts to arrive at the right sum of compensation becomes important. Loss of earnings, medical expenses, and other losses need to be calculated so that the victim needs to be well compensated. Under federal law, trucks need to carry $750,000 liability insurance coverage. The coverage varies according to the goods carried.

According to road safety studies, while highways witness major accidents due to high speeds, low-speed accidents occur within city limits where there is dense human and vehicular population. Passengers, pedestrians, cyclists, and automobile drivers have either suffered grievous injuries or died in tractor-trailer rollovers, jackknife mishaps, and multi-axle tractor-trailer accidents.

If you think you or your loved one has suffered an injury or died in a truck accident due to negligence of a third party, call our New York truck accident attorneys for a free consultation to know your legal options to claim the right compensation.

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