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New York Labor Law on “Construction, Demolition and Excavation” Activities

September 25, 2015 Personal Injury

For a number of work activities including excavation, demolition and certain kinds of construction activities, New York labor law provides a range of safeguards that have to be applied to such types of work. Let’s take a closer look at how New York lawmakers have provided for worker safety.

Pedestrian Areas

One part of the NY labor law on excavation and other similar work activities involves pedestrian areas:
“Where pedestrians use an existing public sidewalk or other public thoroughfare…(near a work site)…, the side of such existing thoroughfare which is next to or faces toward the work shall be protected or guarded. Such protection shall be at least 36 inches in height above the walking surface and shall be substantially constructed, installed and maintained in accordance with the provisions of this Part (rule).”

This rule separates pedestrians, bystanders and others in proximity to the site from those who are doing serious work that needs to be done on a property. It’s an important part of public safety and worker safety alike.

High Voltage Scenarios

Another part of the statute applies to power lines and electrically-charged infrastructure around job sites. The law states that before any work is done, employers must determine voltage levels for power lines and other infrastructure and clearly mark them. This type of electrical safety can help workers avoid certain kinds of serious injuries that happen when they come in contact with a significant electrical charge.

Machine Posting

Another part of the statute concerns the machinery that workers use.

New York labor law requires machines with certain moving parts to have a “durable warning sign posted and maintained in such a location is to be clearly visible to the operator of such machinery or equipment from his or her operating position.”

This rule relates to the very important job of managing physical work in confined workspaces. Managers and business leaders have to look closely at how humans interact with machines to do physical work in a certain allocated area. A lot of this involves training, transparency in operations, and of course, warning and safety infrastructure.

These are just some of the responsibilities that companies have in conducting construction operations across the state of New York. Personal injury lawyers will look at these and other applicable portions of the labor laws when going to court on behalf of their clients. By looking at the full context of the accident, injury attorneys help injury victims get the best chances of obtaining equitable compensation for their injuries.

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