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New York City pedestrian accidents can lead to lawsuits

August 8, 2013 Car Accidents

On behalf of Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff, LLP

In one weekend alone there were four separate pedestrian accidents in New York City. The four accidents resulted in two deaths and three people injured. The accidents also point to a larger issue of pedestrians and motorists not watching where they are going in the city.

A recent CBS New York article reported on all four accidents.

In the two fatal accidents, both pedestrians on the scene were unresponsive and unconscious. In both of these accidents, the drivers in the cars that hit them did stay on the scene.

Another accident involved a 45-year-old pedestrian, who was taken to the hospital with injuries after being hit.

In the other, two people were hospitalized after a pedestrian accident. One person was reportedly suffering from heavy bleeding and a man with blood on his pants was being questioned by police on the scene.

Overall, the CBS New York article did not provide a ton of information on the pedestrian accidents. However, given the fact that these four accidents spanned three different boroughs, one can see how this is a widespread issue and not contained to only one area of the city.

For drivers — of cars, trucks, buses and motorcycles — the message is to always be paying attention and keep one’s eyes on the road. This means that even during rush hour, when the traffic can get downright frustrating, it is important to be on the lookout for others, especially pedestrians.

In cases where it is believed a driver was at fault, this driver’s negligence can end up leading to a lawsuit filed by those injured or the family of those killed. Granted, these types of cases can sometimes be rather complicated, but an attorney with experience handling pedestrian accidents in New York City would be able to investigate the facts and provide legal options.

Source: CBS New York, “2 Pedestrians Killed, 3 Injured In Separate Weekend Accidents In NYC,” July 28, 2013