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New York Advocacy Groups Discuss Scaffolding Laws

March 15, 2016 Back Injuries,Construction Accidents

There’s a great deal of debate in Albany and all around the state about New York’s scaffold law, which is one of the strictest of its kind in the country. This portion of New York labor law came to be when workers began constructing some of the earlier skyscrapers that made New York what it is today. Government regulators realized that this type of work is extremely dangerous, and accordingly, they tried to come up with broad-ranging legislation to protect workers.

Today, some feel like the scaffolding laws are still necessary to protect workers, while others think that they’re depressing the construction market and are an unnecessary drain on company resources.

However, safety advocates have been able to refute some of these views. In an article in City Limits, executive director for the New York Committee on Occupational Safety and Health, Charlene Obernauer, said a review of construction fatalities showed evidence that two-thirds of these tragic accidents involved safety violations. Moreover, with a cap of $70,000 for OSHA fines, advocates argue the regulator’s actions are not sufficient incentive for companies to follow the law and as such, they might simply treat penalties as “the cost of doing business.”

In response, some industry groups are just asking for reform, claiming that they’ll take a regular legal outcome from local courts. But when you really look at the issue, there’s a lot to be said for the idea that, even though it may be costly, there shouldn’t be any negotiation on worker safety legislation.

Front-line workers are some of the most vulnerable people in a given industry. They don’t have the types of power that industry groups, trade groups and private businesses have. They’re often in the most challenging roles, dealing with the most physical risk. As such, they need the protections of government more than anyone else.

Personal injury attorneys know this from experience. They’ve seen the effects of workplace accidents on families. They understand what workers give and what they should get in return. That’s why these attorneys are dedicated to going to bat for their clients in all sorts of situations when they’ve been harmed in any construction accident, whether it’s a trip/slip and fall case, equipment safety case, scaffolding case or other type of jobsite injury.

Skilled personal injury lawyers know how to represent their clients’ best interests to make sure they get a fair hearing in local courts because the courts are their main vehicle for fighting back when they’ve been wronged by an employer’s negligence.

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