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New $250 Million Safety Plan in New York

May 8, 2015 Pedestrian Accidents

With a population of over 8 million people, New York City is among the biggest and most prominent cities in America. It is, in many ways, the “capital city” of the country in terms of economics and prominence on an international level. That being the case, a great deal of work and money goes into making New York City safe for residents and visitors.

A Capital New York report shows that the city is investing in a new $250 million street safety program to improve public health and safety around New York City. Titled the “Vision Zero Safe Streets” program, this initiative will focus on outer-borough streets with a reputation for high traffic and pedestrian fatality rates. The money will be applied to new designs and reconstructions of these focus areas, with about 40 percent going to areas of Queens Boulevard. Other areas of focus include Atlantic Avenue in East New York and 4th Ave. in Brooklyn.

Although this initiative is mostly safety-focused, it will also expand some pedestrian areas, provide trees and other landscaping and make street areas more visually attractive and comfortable. The project will also add bike paths on some major roads. Officials claim residents will see changes within a few years.

Queens Boulevard

A reputation for danger has earned Queens Boulevard the moniker “Boulevard of Death.”  Safety groups have estimated there were 55 fatalities in a five-year period there between 2009 and 2013. These types of tragic accidents, especially when viewed in a pattern, provide powerful incentives for officials and local leaders to move on practical solutions. In fact, as the city prepares to undertake the new initiative, safety advocates suggest New York should do more, with some of them identifying other hazardous roads that also need attention.

Public officials aren’t the only ones who worry about the safety of New York City roads. When called upon to represent their clients in court, New York injury lawyers are tasked with getting courts to understand the challenges residents face and how injury victims have been unfortunately affected by these risks.

Making an appeal for greater municipal safety is part of the process of advocating for those who have been hurt in city accidents. While doing all of the research to support a personal injury claim, injury attorneys will also look at cases on a broader level to argue the context of a case and make broader suggestions about where safety rules and laws may have been deficient.

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