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My Building Floor is Always Wet!

July 29, 2015 Premises Liability

Prior to speaking with a personal injury lawyer, some injury victims have a mistaken belief that every case is relatively the same and simply having evidence of injury automatically triggers compensation. However, victims should understand that resolving such issues is not as easy as they may think. There are many factors involved in the context of an injury case that must be considered in order to determine the likelihood of obtaining a successful outcome.

It’s not enough to just say that “this happened here.” In fact, under federal, state and local law, there are things that injury lawyers have to present in court to support a claim.

A Pattern of Liability

A major aspect of a slip and fall case involves looking at whether liability was ongoing or whether an accident happened for unanticipated reasons or due to sudden changes to a property.

One of the easiest ways to think about this is in terms of the apartment buildings that many New Yorkers live in or help build. These buildings have maintenance supervisors who are responsible for keeping them in safe and serviceable condition. Looking at the actual condition of the building gives residents and everyone else is pretty good idea of whether or not a business is fulfilling its responsibilities to those who live there, as well as to the public.

When you walk into a particular building, do you often encounter water on the floor? Are windows or doors left open, allowing rainwater to enter the building? Are cleaning processes unaccompanied by reasonable precautions like floor-standing “Wet Floor” warning signs?

There’s also a pretty good chance that where one liability exists, there are also others. To the trained eye, it’s relatively easy to enter a lobby and see at a glance whether building superintendents have taken care to keep the building in good condition and protect health and safety of residents and visitors.

When it’s easy to point to a pattern of neglect or inattention to public safety, the way forward in an injury case becomes much clearer. That’s why legal professionals assigned to these cases do the necessary research and fact-finding to determine where there’s the best chance of compensation.

Keeping Clients Informed

Although injury lawyers work hard to properly handle cases for their clients, another important part of their services involves keeping clients up-to-date on their rights and options under the law. Local New York injury attorneys generally contact clients routinely to advise them of positive and negative points that are at issue with respect to their cases, as well as to inform them of upcoming hearings or other legal events. They can explain complex legal terms in ways that clients can understand and help them feel more confident about what they choose to do to pursue compensation.

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