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How much does it Cost to Evaluate a Car Accident Case  

February 1, 2015 Car Accidents

Many people who are injured in car accidents feel that it is quite expensive to have their accident case evaluated. However, in actuality, the cost is much less, than you would expect. Unlike a medical malpractice case, where numerous amount of records have to be gathered and have them reviewed by a medical expert, in car accident cases there is less than half of this worked involved.

You do not need Confirmation of Medical Expert

Accident Case

Evaluating the precise damages in a car accident case is difficult to do. 

In accident case in New York, you do not need a medical expert to confirm that you have a valid basis for a case. Instead, your lawyer will have to accumulate your records, get the police report, and maybe do an investigation, which is going to cost money. However, you do not have to get a medical expert to confirm that you have a valid basis for a case. This makes a significant difference between a medical malpractice evaluation and a car accident case.

In fact, the injured victim can visit an accident attorney and immediately initiate a lawsuit. The lawyer only needs to know that the victim was the passenger or driver in the car, and that the vehicle was hit from the side or rear, and all this makes it quite clear-cut and obvious about what happened. The only question that remains is what the injuries you have suffered are.

Evaluating a car accident case and determining whether you have a valid basis for a lawsuit is very different from a medical malpractice case in the state of New York. The attorney does not have to go through the same type of investigation that is required in a medical malpractice case.

However, in an accident case, the attorney will have to conduct a thorough investigation to find out what the fact were, in order to determine what actually occurred. The lawyer will have to study the police report, talk to the witnesses who were present at the scene, and get photos of the accident scene. All this is critical for conducting a thorough investigation in order to determine whether you have a valid basis for initiating a car accident case.

Medical Malpractice vs. Car Accident Case

The cost of evaluating a medical malpractice case will be much higher compared to an accident case, as there is a medical expert involved, who conducts the investigation about the merits of the case. Secondly, this expert has to go through and analyze all your medical records and the various procedures and medicines that were administered to you during your treatment.

The Key Difference

Only when this medical expert confirms the validity of your case, you can go ahead and file a medical malpractice case. On the other hand, while evaluating an accident case, only your lawyer is involved, and he will only be gathering data about what took place. During the evaluation process there are no special experts involved, which means there are no costly fees that need to be paid to any professionals.