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Minc Secures $3.75 Million in New York City Construction Injury Case

June 3, 2015 Construction Accidents

A recent settlement for a New York City construction worker illustrates some of the results that injury victims can get when they obtain qualified legal counsel and work through the necessary court processes in the state of New York.

In this case, attorney Daniel Minc helped his client, a 44-year-old construction worker in New York City, get a $3.75 million settlement for a hand injury that happened on a construction site.

The victim’s hand was injured while operating a concrete pump and Minc demonstrated during trial that there was a violation of New York State labor law on the part of the general contractor and owner of the pump.

“After rejecting several lower offers and overcoming years of difficult legal obstacles, our client finally will receive the needed compensation to restore well-deserved financial security for his family,” Minc said.

Staying the Course in Personal Injury Cases

It’s instructive that in this case, the attorney advised the client to turn down low settlement offers early on in the process.

One of the biggest reasons that injury victims rely on professional legal counsel is that they may receive offers that might sound good, but in reality will not cover the costs of care and recovery, along with things like lost wages and pain and suffering. While most injury victims don’t have a detailed knowledge of what’s common in settlement payouts, injury attorneys are very experienced in assessing offers within the context of what’s fair and equitable for clients.

The fact is that personal injury cases don’t just “turn out a settlement” – those who don’t put work into bringing a case forward may only get access to smaller, insufficient settlement offers. Insurance companies may find many ways to decrease payouts and third parties may get their own counsel to deny liability. In addition, as in the above case, the process may take years, not weeks to resolve, and what happens during that time depends to a great extent on the expertise and dedication of the attorneys involved.

Demonstrating Responsibility

Also, in the case above, the responsibility of various parties had to be proven according to federal, state and local law. Qualified injury attorneys know how to correctly apply the law to a particular situation, and how to look at things like case precedent and the normal process through New York City courts in order to get their clients the best chances of compensation for what they’ve suffered after an accident.

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