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Maritime Accidents and Personal Injury Claims

March 31, 2016 Boating Accidents,Catastrophic Injuries,Personal Injury,Wrongful Death

In 2011, 4,588 recreational boating accidents were reported by the Coast Guard. The majority of these maritime accidents occurred to cabin motorboats, motorboats and personal watercraft. These accidents resulted in 758 deaths and 3,081 injuries. For every 100,000 registered recreational vessels, the corresponding fatality rate was 6.2 deaths.  This is an increase of nearly 15% compared to 2010.

Maritime Accidents

If you know someone who has suffered losses in a maritime accident, seek the help of an experienced personal injury attorney and grab the compensation that you are entitled to!

Apart from recreational boating, there can also be maritime accidents to commercial and government marine vessels. According to data from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, in 2010, there were 5,427 accidents involving 6,788 commercial vessels. As a result, there were 159 injuries, and 41 people died or were declared missing.

Maritime accidents, whether on commercial or recreational boats, can bring about a series of excruciating afflictions at any given time, and any person may be presumed accountable if he or she shows any disregard toward tending to those afflictions or injuries. Besides pain and suffering, loss of finances and medical bills, damage of assets as a result of the accident is also likely to occur.

What to do after Facing a Maritime or Boating Accident? 

In case a boating accident occurs, it is recommended that you seek a lawyer who has expertise in handling such cases. Clear-cut regulations and laws apply to this domain and proprietorship of maritime vessels, be it commercial or recreational, and all these laws have a deep effect on the determination of who is responsible for the accident. Proper legal counsel is advised for persons who are new to the implications of laws surrounding boating and the innate responsibilities of owners and operators of boats as the complications can put them at a disadvantageous position.

Conventional compensation claims do not work for seafarers who get injured while on board a commercial barge or any other commercial maritime premises. However, a federal statute called the Jones Act protects seamen. This Act protects seamen when they are injured at sea, sets rules on how to carry out such cases under maritime law and also, owing to the Jones Act, federal courts get arbitration.

However, this act lacks clarity in several areas, often making room for judgment. Consequently, complications can quickly arise as a result of grievances made under the Jones Act. Maritime workers who get into maritime accidents are advised to seek a lawyer who is adept at cases involving the Jones Act.

If, unfortunately, an accident occurs during a cruise or a day at sea, it is imperative that sailors know what laws have been put in place. If the laws are unknown to the sailor, a skilled lawyer who has experience with maritime laws and personal injury must be consulted as he or she can help to acquire remittance for pain and suffering, property damage, injuries, and loss of wages.

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