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Looking at the Impact of Spinal Injuries

June 15, 2015 Spinal Injuries

In any type of injury case, there’s going to be complicated research. Along with the broad questions concerning the context of an accident and how it happened, every personal injury case is inherently complicated by the sophistication and elaborate architecture of the human anatomy.

Before they even start to resolve a case based on third-party liability, injury lawyers need to understand certain physical facts about a case. Here are some of the common and fundamental issues that have to be addressed in a spinal injury case.

Source of Impact

One of the biggest questions concerns the source of an impact. The answer to this question is one that will have direct application to the responsibility of parties to provide compensation. Where did the impact come from? Was it from a flying object with a certain velocity? Was it from ‘body to body’ impact? Was it from the impact of a motor vehicle collision, and if so, what contributed to the velocity of the vehicle?

Looking at these questions, you can see that professional injury attorneys have to break down an accident into its raw physics, and in such cases, they must do so with relatively little direct information about that accident. Like detectives, they don’t explore one of these scenarios on the scene as it happens. They do it after the fact with the information that’s available.

Severity of Impact

Although some information can be available to tie the source of impact to the severity of impact, many times the attorneys will have to have information from medical findings that will show how severe an impact was and what effect it is likely to have on the body, both immediately and long-term. This involves working with the medical professionals documenting injuries and making sure that clients get access to qualified, impartial and timely medical care.

Existing Spinal Injury or Degeneration

This is another big issue injury attorneys may have to deal with in a spinal injury case. Insurance companies or other parties may come to the client with the assertion that an old injury or even simple aging led to a pre-existing condition that should not be assessed after an accident. Qualified personal injury attorneys are knowledgeable about how this works so that they can knock down these often unfounded claims and keep pursuing a settlement or compensation for an injury victim.

Working for Victims

As they make their way through a case, injury attorneys may make a case for third party responsibility. Where negligence or inattention to public safety left someone harmed, qualified injury lawyers will work to make sure their clients’ wishes are heard in court and will use legal statutes and case precedent to provide a compelling presentation of the facts.

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