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Legally Targeting a Defective Product Manufacturer

January 2, 2016 Personal Injury,Personal Injury FAQs,Products Liability

You have purchased a brand new electric rice cooker but as soon as you operate it, you receive an electric shock. The second day, your hands were a little wet during the operation of the rice cooker, and you receive an electric shock that made you roll over the floor while the cooker gets thrown off the stone kitchen top with its electric chord still plugged on to the electrical outlet.

A sorry scene! After you receive the second shock that sends you across the floor, you are really mad with the cooker manufacturer. You have even received some burns, hurt your left arm and back while hitting the floor, and now you want to sue the rice cooker manufacturer for selling a defective good.

Statute of limitations for electric-shock cases

Defective products can cause serious bodily injuries

Defective products can cause serious bodily injury. 

What you need to know is that lawsuits related to electric shocks or electrical burns have a set time limit, within which an affected party is allowed to file the lawsuit. This time limit is known as the “statute of limitations.” If a personal injury case related to electric shocks is not filed within the statute of limitations, then the claim will be lost forever. This legal requirement varies from one US state to another and may contain other state-specific requirements.

The evidentiary documents your lawyer will need

Whenever you contact a personal injury lawyer’s office, the legal team will request you to furnish certain evidentiary documents, which can help them establish and fight the case for you. Such documents may be:

  • A statement from you recording the date of the incident and a detailed description of the incident.
  • The details of any eye witness, if present at the time of incident.
  • The details of the electric shock, the burn injuries, and the physical injuries corroborated with diagnostic reports and the doctor’s reports stating the treatment received.
  • Proof of lost days of work and lost earnings due to injuries.
  • Rice-cooker manufacturer’s warranty and product literature.

Note: If you have a legal insurance policy or happen to be a member of a trade union, you may qualify for lower cost legal services.

The step-by-step legal proceeding for electric shock injury cases

After consulting with you and reviewing all your documents, the lawyer’s office will evaluate the circumstances of your injury incident to a judge:

  • Whether your negligence or mishandling of the product could have caused the electric shock
  • What are your chances of winning the case against the rice-cooker manufacturer
  • How much you can claim as compensation for the personal injury case

The lawyer’s office will also provide detailed explanation on how to proceed with the claim and how to fund the case. At this point, you may request the lawyer’s office to send you a letter explaining the entire process involved in fighting the electric shock injury case including the names, designations, and contact details of legal counsel involved in the case. You may even request them to include the limits of funding the case if such an agreement has been made between you and the lawyer’s office.

Electric injury cases can be time consuming

In the US court system, electric-shock injury cases can be complicated and expensive to pursue, but if your chances of winning are strong, then your personal injury lawyer will ensure that you are adequately compensated. You will need the counsel of an experienced electric shock injury lawyer who has sound knowledge of the legal process related to such cases.

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