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Ladder Accidents: What Types of Personal Injury Claims can You Seek?

January 10, 2016 Personal Injury,Personal Injury FAQs,Premises Liability,Workers' Compensation

Slipping or falling from a ladder can cause serious accidents leading to permanent physical injuries in some cases. The commercial-type ladders are taller and more life threatening than the standard types; these ladders are used for at construction sites or work premises and reach to heights that only some people would be comfortable with.

Depending on the type of ladder, the attorney will suggest the legal recourse accordingly

Depending on the type of ladder, the attorney will suggest what your legal options are. 

Depending on the type of ladder used and the nature of the accident, a ladder-accident victim can claim compensations for personal injury or permanent disability caused by such an incident. Additionally, there is something known as the Jigsaw Law, which enables a victim to file for a product liability claim against the ladder manufacture for a defective product.

Liability of ladder manufacturers and ladder owners

Here are some common types of ladders and the associated owner liability for each type:

  • Straight ladders: A single-piece ladder, this requires a secure lock at the top and strong feet to stand straight or lean on one side. These ladders tend to slip, so they must be used with proper guidance.
  • Expandable ladders: As these ladders are expandable, they usually have safety standards which should be maintained by ladder owners through preventive maintenance.
  • A-frame ladders: The two parts of the ladders are connected to each other with metal hinges and side braces. These must also be maintained for optimal performance by ladder owners.

Making a personal injury case for a ladder accident

Ladder accidents usually happen in to situations:

  1. When workers are working at a construction site
  2. When some maintenance work is going on at home

In case of a commercial ladder, the ladder owner or employer is liable for any injury caused to the workers while using workplace equipment like ladders. For workplace injuries, workers can claim both worker’s compensation and compensation for personal injuries caused by the ladder accident. In case of a domestic or privately owned ladder, the accident victim can make product liability claim for a malfunctioning ladder as well as a personal injury claim against the owner for a poorly maintained and broken ladder.

Legal help is available for ladder accident victims

If you or anyone you know has been a victim of a ladder accident leading to personal injury, then you can get legal help. This is where a standout legal firm comes into the picture. They can:

  • Thorough investigate the case with first-hand, eye-witness records
  • Arrange for immediate medical support if needed through insurance or worker’s compensation benefits
  • Provide financial support to fight claims
  • Offer expertise of a qualified lawyer specializing in workplace injury

So, if you have been seriously injured in a ladder accident, why delay your claims process? Contact the workplace injury lawyers Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff, & Wolff of RMFW Law at 212 697 9280. They have won personal injury cases that have added up into the millions of dollars. You can be on this winning list too!

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