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Is Trash Dangerous? Another Reason to go “Zero Waste” in NYC

July 22, 2015 Premises Liability

It’s a well-established idea that most people don’t think about where their trash goes once they’ve disposed of it, and individuals without connections to the waste industry usually will not spend a lot of time contemplating the intricate relationships between humans, retail and commercial systems, and the physical waste created in urban areas.

We do not have a famous New York City garbage museum where people can go to look at the history of garbage. However, a very insightful piece recently posted on CityLimits.org entitled, “Landfill Legacies of New York City” looks at what has happened to large areas of the city since the original Dutch settlements some several hundred years ago.

Starting with a review of damaged beaches and coastal landfills, the article discusses new proposals, such as current Mayor Bill de Blasio’s zero waste effort and how today’s public planners are trying their best to deal with waste and find solutions. But there was also a very interesting video component of the article in which sanitation workers George Steptoe and Donny Macmillan were followed around the city as they collected commercial and household trash at night.

“This ain’t no joke — this is not a game here,” says one of the men who was behind the wheel of the garbage truck. “This is the jungle, baby.” The short video highlights some of the potential dangers that sanitation workers face on the job.

While some of these dangers are unique to trash pickup, such as the vulnerability of hanging off of a moving truck and the physical strength needed to move extensive amounts of heavy garbage, others could also be relevant to anyone on a street filled with garbage bags or strewn trash. Looking at the video, it’s easy to see how someone moving around this garbage pile could slip and fall. Steptoe also talked about exposure to needles and other hazardous elements of commercial and residential waste.

Representing the Injury Victim

Personal injury attorneys in New York City know that things like garbage collection are relevant to the work they do in protecting residents. Where garbage is piled up at a curb or scattered around a building, there’s the potential for harm, and many of these legal professionals have seen clients injured in accidents partially caused by obstacles in their paths.

New York City Slip and Fall Lawyers: At Your Side

If you or someone in your family is injured in New York City, call the lawyers at the law offices of Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff. We will keep you informed about your case and help you build a personal injury claim in accordance with New York law. Our attentive and caring attorneys will help you understand your legal options and rights. Don’t wait to get qualified assistance — call our office today.